In A Ground Where Many Of Us Find Redemption & Emotional Refuge, A Show Beyond Reviews

Geetanjali Kulkarni, Jameel Khan, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, and Harsh Maier have all taken on the roles of his characters as a group. There isn’t a trace of his true self in the frame, but the people he portrays are so real and heartfelt that you want to believe it. Their conversation is so natural that it doesn’t feel like it was staged for the camera.

Gullak Season 3 : Star Rating:

Cast: Geetanjali Kulkarni, Jameel Khan, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Harsh Mayar and Sunita Rajwar

Creator: TVF & Shreyansh Pandey.

Director: Palash Vaswani.

Streaming On: Sony Liv

Language: Hindi (with subtitles).

Runtime: 5 Episodes Around 40 Minutes Each.

(Pic Credit: Youtube/The Viral Fever)

What’s New in Gullak Season 3:

Mishra is back. Annu is now a working person, which means a new source of income has arrived. But with this the expenditure has also skyrocketed. Aman, who tops his board, is now confused as to what to do next, while family pushes him to take up science, and with that comes hefty fees. They go through a nightmare and come out with a feeling of love, happiness and leave giving us immense hope.

Season 3 of Gullak: What Works:

In my opinion, the piggy bank is now beyond reviews and verification. Moving out of TVF-Sony Liv Mill, it is now in the ground where the line between REEL and REAL is blurred, a place where the middle class finds redemption, an area that feels like we’re through broken glass to the Mishra Niwas Looking in. From a crackling window. These are no longer characters played by veteran actors, but real three-dimensional people who breathe the same air as you and I do. But who will pay my bills if I don’t write a review? It could very well become a love letter to the creators. you have been warned!

Written by Durgesh Singh, one of the most observant writers, Gullak Season 3 kicks off days after Kick Point Season 2 ends. Remember that family portrait imprisoned as Papa placed a hand on Annu’s shoulder and we all got teary-eyed? It has been framed and now sits on the living room wall. (Observation: Annu also wears the same/similar t-shirt in the season 3 climax). Annu is coming of age, Aman is approaching the age of lunatics, Papa is still understanding life and Maa still has to shout so that it can be heard in the majority household.

Virtually nothing has changed in the original syntax and it’s a win for the team to pick up where they started and realize that we just saw the last episode of Season 2 yesterday. With Season 3 the camera widens its horizons a bit. The world confined to the walls, with the paint locked in, is now capturing the essence of the landscape in which it is set.

Durgesh Singh and Palash Vaswani together make their audience acknowledge and respect their love as they make Season 2 in moments rather than big scenes. The best part is that these moments simply pass and are never zoomed in or highlighted. For example, the above picture is never captured in a still frame, it just exists. Or in a crucial scene when Annu finally ‘grows up’ and puts on Papa’s chappal, you are never spoon-fed.

And of course, emotions and tears are by-products of the piggy bank and it goes without saying. Further adding to this already full bucket is DOP Shiv Prakash, who invokes a sense of nostalgia as you now know these people and the set up inside and out. He captures Mishra’s world through doors, windows and even pillars without trying to frame him. It makes you realize how small their world is but how satisfied they are with it. Anurag Saika has given a title track to this show which is one of the best 5 for me in the Indian OTT arena. He keeps on evolving with the story as well as personally.

What Works: Gullak Season 3

As a team, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Jameel Khan, Vaibhav Raj Gupta and Harsh Maier have become his characters. There is n’t an inch of his real form of him in the frame, but the characters he creates feel so authentic and heartfelt that you want to believe it’s real. Their dialogue exchange is so organic that it doesn’t feel like it was shot for a camera.

Vaibhav as Annu deserves all the special mentions that will come his way this season. He has the spotlight and make sure he doesn’t take it lightly. His character of him goes through maximum transformation and this is reflected not only in his dialogues and acting of him but also in his body language, his attitude of him, and Vaibhav makes sure his eyes of him do the same. He has to sacrifice his dream of him for his younger brother and the pain of not having enough to achieve both is a scene where he hits a target.

Harsh Meier is also going through a transition phase and you can see him trying his best to excel in his part of it. Geetanjali Kulkarni and Jameel Khan are actors who are beyond recognition and my experience is a drop in the vast ocean. Kulkarni brings Shanti alive and you can see her mother de ella in her de ella. Jameel represents every loving father so faithfully.

Season 3 of Gullak: What Doesn’t Work:

Although I’m a huge fan of the show, I won’t overlook the fact that Season 3 takes the plunge into Episode 3. The glue for attending events and making them look the same is missing a lot and should have been there. Titled Agua, the episode is a good story on its own, but doesn’t fit into the scheme of things in the show. It takes you largely out of the experience, saved only by the trajectory that takes you in full force.

(Pic Credit: Youtube/The Viral Fever)

Last Words on Gullak Season 3:

Gullak 3 brings back the feel good factor with a pinch of nostalgia and a big spoon full of emotions. This is a broth that you should like without asking many questions, because of the smile with which it

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