Claudia Emilia

It’s very popular on Instagram because Claudia Emilia Tihan is from France and Canada. In the short time, she has been on social media, she has become very popular, especially in her home country, Canada. Tihan was a normal child from a middle-class family who didn’t want to be famous. On Twitter, she had her first social media account. She used to post there a few times a week. On Instagram, she made her first post in September 2015. A few posts later, she was a big hit on the internet. Over 1.2 million people follow Tihan on Instagram, 55k people follow him on Twitter, more than 87k people follow him on Facebook, and 36k people watch his videos on YouTube as of right now.

Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Claudia Tihan says that some of her success is due to luck. She also thinks that popular blogs and Instagram accounts shared her pictures when she was young. During this time, a picture of her eating a burger went viral on Tumblr and other popular pages. This got her first attention.
She also went to a meet-and-greet convention in Orlando, where she met a lot of people who were famous on Vine. Being around them gave her a lot of exposure. Her many public relationships also helped her become famous on the internet.
There have been fewer than 100 Instagram posts by her so far. She started posting on the site on September 10, 2015. It doesn’t matter that she’s beautiful and has a sophisticated sense of style. She already has more than a million followers on Instagram. During an interview, she said that getting one million followers had always been her goal. Now that she has reached that goal, she wants to start her own clothing line. The pretty young woman also has a lot of big goals in store for the next few years. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher for kids with Down syndrome.

Controversies & Scandals

In June 2017, Tihan got a lot of attention after she said the “n” word. Later, she said sorry.

Personal Life

Claudia Tihan was born on February 19, 1997, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and she lives there now as a child. A lot isn’t known about her family. She has talked about how her mother raised her alone. When Tihan thinks about what her mother has done for her, she thinks about how much she has given up. She is grateful and thinks her mother is an inspiration. It all comes from her father.
Over the years, there have been a lot of rumors that she has been linked to a lot of different social media stars. Her boyfriend, Jack Johnson, is one half of the American pop-rap duo, Jack & Jack. She was seen kissing him in the background of a Snapchat in March 2017. A lot of people started talking about how they might be in a relationship with each other. There were a lot of cryptic tweets from both of them in June that made people think that the couple had broken up.

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