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To hide his real name, Jeremy Wang, a Canadian “Twitch” streamer and gamer, goes by the name “Disguised Toast.” In “Hearthstone,” a free online digital card game made by “Blizzard Entertainment,” he rose to fame. The Toronto-based gamer doesn’t belong to any team and plays as a free agent. Toast made “Warcraft 3” movie clips and explained the rules of “Blizzard’s” card game while looking at the statistics. As time went on, he became a full-time streamer on his “Twitch” channel. He is well-known for making meme decks and then using them to fight against other people. Toast now says that it knows more about “Hearthstone” than the people who made it. When he beat one of the best players in the game, it was a big deal for fans of the game. Disguised toast has become a huge hit in just a few years since it was first made. He is now one of the best streamers for “Hearthstone.”


In April 2015, Disguised Toast started his own YouTube channel called “YouTube.” YouTube has a channel called “Hearthstone,” but it used to have videos about other “Blizzard” games that “Hearthstone” is based on, such as “Rexxar,” “The Old Gods,” and “Warcraft.” As of right now, the channel has about 783 thousand subscribers.
When Disguised Toast made his own infographics and YouTube videos about the game, he became a part of the “Hearthstone” fan group. Through “Reddit,” he shared some cards that didn’t work the way they were supposed to. This got the attention of people in the community. In March 2017, he took part in the “ONOG Major Circuit at PAX East Tier 2” and came in 32nd. In the tournament, Disguised Toast played against one of the best players in the world, Sjow. He played the most powerful and destructive card in the game, called the “Sacrificial Pact,” to fool Sjow. But Toast was kicked out of the tournament even though he had a record-breaking performance. He had overslept.
Toast got a 72-hour suspension in June 2017 for crashing his game and that of his opponent, which led to a default victory for him. This meant that Toast won the game. SeatStory Cup VII Tier 1 is a “Hearthstone” tournament series that he also played in. He came in 24th place. Toast has a website where he sells his shirts and other things, as well as information about his streams and “Hearthstone.”
Offline TV is a group of content creators who live in California. Toast joined them in October 2017, and he moved to California then. His second “YouTube” channel, “Disguised Toast 2,” started in November of that year. It was for him to show off his “Twitch” streams. Almost 273 thousand people are following Toast’s second channel. For his “Twitch” highlights from a few months after that, Toast started another channel called “Disguised Toast Daily | StreamRecap.” This channel is called “Disguised Toast Daily.” After this, in April 2018, he got the third spot in the tier 2 “PAX East GEICO Hearthstone Showdown” in April 2018. Toast has been nominated for the title of “Twitch Streamer of the Year” at the 11th annual “Shorty Awards,” which are held every year.
He came up with the name “Disguised Toast” while at a “Hearthstone Fireside Gathering” tournament, where he wore a mask to hide his face. The mask was made of cardboard and had a mustache and a sunglass drawn on it.It looked like a piece of toast. In October 2016, he revealed his face by accident. Though he thought his fans didn’t want to see the player behind the mask, he was surprised when his popularity rose after the incident. When Conan O’Brien was hosting “TwitchCon” in 2017, he said that the name was “the best in gaming history.”
The pseudonym “Disguised Toast” came from a card in the “Hearthstone” game called “SI:7 Agent,” which says “This guy’s toast” when the card is opened. After Toast went to a “Fireside Gathering,” a meeting for local “Hearthstone” communities, his logo changed from digital to physical.

Family & Personal Life

Disguised When you meet Toast, he has a real name that you don’t know. His birthday is November 25, 1991, and he was born there. When he goes to school, he is a math major at the University of Waterloo.
Toast is in a relationship with Janet Rose, better known as “xChocoBars.” In the past, they have been together for a long time. They have played a lot of games with each other, too. They are called “joast.” In fact, when they play against each other, they mostly use the name. They even have a hashtag for it on “Twitter.”

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