Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot

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Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot
Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot

Release date: 21 August 1987 (USA)
Director by: Rod Amateau
Written by: Linda Palmer | Rod Amateau |
Adapted from: Garbage Pail Kids
Based on Garbage Pail Kids by John Pound (uncredited)
Starring: Anthony Newley, Mackenzie Astin, Katie Barberi
Produced by: Rod Amateau

Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot
Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot

All Cast – Crew

Anthony Newleyas Captain Manzini
Mackenzie Astinas Dodger
Katie Barberias Tangerine
Ron MacLachlanas Juice
J.P. Amateau (the director’s son)as Wally
Marjory Graueas Blythe
John Herman Shaneras Police officer
Patty Lloydas foster mother
John Cadeas Bartender
Bobby Bellas Foul Phil
Debbie Lee Carringtonas Valerie Vomit
Kevin Thompsonas Ali Gator
Phil Fondacaroas Greaser Greg
Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot

Movie Budget (Garbage pail kids movie)

Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot
Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot

Genre : Kids & Family, Comedy, Musical
Budget : $1 million
Box office : $1.6 million
Runtime : 100 minute
IMDb : 2.7/ 10

Language : English
Filming locations : Sepulveda Boulevard, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California, USA

Cutomer Rating : 4.8 out of 5

(Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot)

Storyline –

(Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot)

The name of the movie that came out in the year 1987 is “The Garbage Pail Kid”. This movie was specially made for children. In this movie you will get to see seven disgusting children made of green clay coming out of a garbage can. But, you will still love to see what interesting personalities babies are becoming.

Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot
(Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot) Trailer Poster


Starring: Anthony Newley | Bobby Bell | Debbie Lee Carrington | J.P. Amateau | Katie Barberi | Kevin Thompson | Mackenzie Astin | Marjory Graue | Phil Fondacaro | Ron MacLachlan |

MOVIE ( SUMMARY) – In this story there lives a boy named Dodger. Dodger goes through many problems in his life. Dodger has to face the struggles of life. Because, ”the Garbage Pal Kid ” comes out to meet him. And some bullies are very scared of dodgers.

THE GARBAGE PAIL KIDS (CLASSIC TRAILER) (Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot)

The movie ends with Manzini (Anthony Newley), a garbageman from space landing on Earth and retired magician and antique shop owner, (Anthony Newley) asking his young assistant Dodger to open it. (Mackenzie Astin) refuses. Unfortunately, one day in the store, Dodger is stabbed in the back by teen Juice (RON MACLACHLAN) and his brutal gang of goons.After much struggle, the forbidden trash can is opened and out comes a host of tiny, ugly creatures (dwarves in costumes), each with their own hideous habit. Species that come out of the box have these types of names. Macy Tessy, Windy Winston, Nat Nerd, Foul Phil, Greaser Gregg, Ali Gator and Valerie Vomit make quick work of the villains, but after that, it’s down to putting the lowly abominable creatures back in the can.The Garbage Pail Kids Movie is not only unsophisticated, obnoxious, and disgusting, but it’s totally inept. You can watch this movie with your kids, it is a family movie which you can watch while playing with your kids. You will also find comedy in this, I hope you must watch this movie once again.

Garbage pail kids movie crotch shot

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