Gigi Hadid

She is also known as Gigi Hadid. Elena Noura Hadid is a well-known American fashion model and TV star. Especially after she made her debut on the Top 50 Models list at, she became more well known. In 2016, the British Fashion Council named her the International Model of the Year, which is what they did. The short film “Virgin Eyes” was released in 2012, and she played Andrea in the movie. She also played a big part in the TV show, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” for which she became well-known. She has also worked on some music videos. Some of them are Taylor Swift songs, like “Bad Blood.” It was a song from her fifth album, 1989, which came out in 2014. “How Deep Is Your Love,” another song by Calvin Harris, a well-known Scottish DJ and record producer, is about how much you love each other.In the UK, the song was a big hit and came in at number seven on the charts. This is how it worked: In 2012, Gigi was also the face of a well-known American clothing brand called Guess.

Childhood & Early Life

He or she was born on April 23, 1995 in Los Angeles, the United States. Jelena Noura Hadid was the name of her birth mother. Her father is Mohamed Hadid, a person who makes money by building things like homes. Her mother is Yolanda Hadid, who used to be a model.
A descendant of her father, Daher Al Omer, an Arab ruler in the Middle Ages, is her.
She has a younger sister named Bella and a younger brother named Anwar, both of whom are also models.
They broke up in 2000, and then her mother married David Foster, a Canadian musician who also wrote songs and made albums. Through him, Hadid has five step-sisters as well, so she has a lot of cousins.
She went to Malibu High School in California in 2013. She used to be a big fan of sports. She played volleyball and went horseback riding.
Later, she moved to New York to go to school and work as a model. As a student at The New School, a private research university in New York City’s Lower Manhattan, she was studying criminal psychology. In 2013, she decided to stop studying and focus more on her modeling career instead.


Gigi Hadid started out as a model for Guess clothing, which is a popular American brand of clothing. The first time she worked with Guess was when she was two. She worked with them again in 2011. In 2012, she was chosen to be the face of one of their ads.
“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is a popular TV show. She also made a lot of appearances on the show. The show, which started on October 14, 2010, is a reality show about the lives of a group of women in Beverly Hills, California. It looks at their personal and professional lives.
She has also been on a lot of magazine covers and in a lot of well-known music videos. In 2016, she was on a cooking show in the United States called “MasterChef.” In the US, the show is a big hit. It is based on a British show of the same name.

Major Works

Gigi Hadid’s appearance on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in 2012 can be seen as her most important TV work. The show is a reality TV show that looks at the lives of a group of women who live in Beverly Hills, California. You can say that it’s part of the “The Real Housewives” series, which is number 6.
He made an appearance in the music video for Taylor Swift’s song “Bad Blood,” which became a big hit in the United States. When it came out in 1989, it was a big hit in a lot of places, including Canada, New Zealand, Scotland, and the United States, where it was number one. In the song, Swift talks about how a close friend betrayed her, even though she didn’t say her name. She was a fellow musician who was close to Swift.
If Katy Perry was the subject of the song “Bad Blood,” it is very likely that she wrote it. The critics didn’t like the song very much and called it “clich├ęd.” The American magazine “Entertainment Weekly,” on the other hand, said that it was one of their favorite songs on the album. As of January 2017, the music video had been viewed billions of times around the world. A Grammy Award for “Best Music Video” was also given to this song and music video.
It’s one of Hadid’s most recent and important projects that she starred in the popular music video “Pillowtalk,” which was made by British singer and songwriter Zayn Malik. The song was written for his first solo album, called “Mind of Mine.” When the song came out on January 29, 2016, along with the music video, it was a huge hit. It came in at number one in both the US and the UK.
‘Pillowtalk’ didn’t get very good reviews from critics. Anthony Hannides, Michael Hannides, Joe Garrett, and Levi Lennox wrote the song with Zayn, along with Anthony Hannides and Levi Lennox, who made it happen. Hadid and Zayn appear in the music video where Hadid is seen swinging around Zayn, then both of them make out and cry black tears.

Awards & Achievements

Gigi Hadid was named “Model of the Year” at the First Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards in 2015 for her work.
There were TRL Awards for “Best Look” in 2016. In the same year, she was given a British Fashion Award by the British Fashion Council. She was named “International Model of the Year.”

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