To start this show may not be or everyone but if you are a marvel fan i m saying to give it a chance . i love this show love the characters love the story the biggest shock was the introduction of the big man from daredevil show cannot really wait for the second season and i m praying that jeremy renner comes back for the second season his and hailey steinfields chemistry is amazing though i would have been loved a hawkeye movie more i was happy with this show and gave good amount of time for kate bishops and hawekeyes character growth kate being with clint helps him grow as a person instead of just a fighter killer and gives him a new partner whom he cares for and help him even when he thinks he does not need it she helps him while he is still grieving over losing his old partner and clint gave kate the extra confidence she needed to embrace this hero lifestyle she is been dreaming of science hawkeye saves her in 2012 battle of newyork he gaves her advice teaches her new tricks and is her personally favoirate anger which gives her that added drive to help become the next best skilled archer in the world . great job done by marvel ; and just because every one likes to say a lot of these are paid review for this show i would like to disclose i would not paid for typing this i m doing so to help others realize it is a great show if they seem interested and encourage people would have not watched it to give it a short.


Hawkeye what can i say i love it..

i tthink with every year marvel gets better with their writing. in many ways it almost feels like real life unlike say something like fast and furious 9 which was amusingly over the top.

this movies or shows fell more than just superhero films . loki brought in really sophisticated story telling that i admire but hawkeye is just a really well made christmas themed show. i just loved the acting and chemistry between kate and hawkeye. you know back her when bumblebee came out in 2018 i did not know that it was her playing the anger looking girl who just hated her life and friended an alien robot. kate has now got a very impressive resume and i think she will make a very good hawkeye.

i mean how awesome was tony dalton as jack. what a cool stepfather i mean i get why kate was a bit hostile towards him. no girl or boy wants their daddy replaced by seemigly total stranger.

i think they explored their stepfather stepdaughter relationship well. i didnot expect the twist i mean i knew the jack was not who murdered the old guy cause it was kind a predictable but her own mom..

we were also treated to some funny baddies and col character maya lopez played by alqua cox who despite been deaf and a title disabled is abled to hold her own against hawkeye and helena . i think she will get her own show named ECHO.

It was a surprise seeing vincent d’onofio’s kingpin. and what a pleasant surprise it was i m honestly pleased with his perfomance as kingpin. would definely love to see him battling with spiderman.

if you are looking for another high quality tv mini series from marvel and one for christmas then hawkeye is the show for you it boasts some of the very best acting characters and trick arrow action that makes for a very pleasant watch.


After having watched most of the first two episodes i can say i m impressed and optimistic about its future and this is coming from someone who’s incresingl found marvel and dc productions repitative copy reliant on a fairly ageing blueprint. i cannot profess to have watched all of the marvel disney plus miniseries but this does match up well to the falcon and the winter soldier and whhat little of what i got through (i still have yet to sit down and binge wandavision as i got many subscription posts it release). this show has some of what some of the recent marvel entries had somehow missed effortless fun and humor.

the casting is excellent one could not find a better adition to the marvel cenimatic universe roaster and hailee steinfield as she is away looked like a marvel character just waiting for an appropriate role to opean up and to top of that off her character in kate bishop meshes well with jeremy renner’s clint barton. i initally was apprehensive regarding the christmas theme coz at the best of times i avoid such but far at lest it has not interfered with the plot and has only added to the direction.

so far so good with the pacing but i have to point out where only two episodes in. this said we have had more to work with than with the first two episodes of the falcon and the winter soldier which is a positive in my books .

this show gets a tenative 5 out of 5 ( i said tentative coz its two of possible six so anything can happen between now and finale ) for casting sucess pacing sucess and an intial good first impression which i suspect will stay with me throughout. this for me is the strongest opening episodes of any marvel miniseries i have watched.


I m loving this series so much so that it might be my favorite one on disney plus currently . its heavily inspired by my favorite comic book series of all time which makes it feels a lot closer to me than any other marvel story so i know i m not as large as others i ts doning good job at staying grounded ratehr than pushing us in a lot of different directions or locations. at the end it was a brilliant series..

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