Ivanita Lomeli

Model Ivanita Lomeli is from the United States. She is also a big Instagram star. As a result of her relationship with the YouTube content creator and famous person, Lucas Dobre, she has been getting more attention in the last few years. Lomeli was born in Virginia to Mexican immigrants. She lived there for a good part of her life. It was in September that she started posting on Instagram for the first time. Since the Dobre twins’ fans found out that they were in a relationship, Lomeli’s popularity on the internet has risen a lot. She has over 500, 000 Instagram followers and over 13,000 Twitter followers.As of this writing, her YouTube channel has more than 1 million subscribers and 54 million views. She started it in June 2018. She is also on TikTok, where she has more than 300,000 fans and more than 100,000 hearts.

Rise to Fame

The first time Ivanita Lomeli used social media was in mid-2017. It was July 2017 when she set up a Twitter account for herself. It was around the same time that she and Lucas started to get together. All of her first tweets were retweets of Lucas’s posts, so they were all copies. Two days before New Year’s Eve 2017, Lomeli sent her first tweet. There were already rumors about how they were going to be together by then. However, neither of them agreed nor disagreed with that.
Lucas Dobre is a dancer who first came to attention on Vine with his twin brother Marcus. These people were known as “Twinbotz,” and they had a lot of followers on the app at the time. Because of this, they worked with Viner Jake Paul and were part of Team 10 with him. They also moved into the Team 10 house in Beverly Hills, California, which is in the same neighborhood. However, in April 2017, Lucas and Marcus both started to feel lonely and homesick, so they left. On YouTube, they have more than 11 million subscribers and more than 2.6 billion views.
Lomeli asked Lucas in February 2018 if he would be her Valentine. In the next month, Lucas told everyone that they were together. Since then, they’ve been in a lot of each other’s videos.
September 2017 was when Lomeli posted her first Instagram picture. If you look at it now, it has over 60 thousand likes from 2018.On TikTok, she mostly uploads videos of herself lip-syncing to Spanish songs, but she also does other things. If you watch some of these videos, Lucas has also been seen in a few of them.
After setting up her YouTube account in June of this year, Lomeli made her first video. Over 12 million people have seen it so far. All of her videos get a lot of attention.

Personal Life

A woman named Ivanita Lomeli was born on October 25, 1997, in the American state of Virginia and now lives in New York City. In the years before she was born, her parents moved from Mexico to the United States and ended up in Virginia. She has a brother who is older than her and a sister who is younger than her. She lives in Maryland now.

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