James Rallison

Robert James Rallison is an American webcomic artist and “YouTuber,” or someone who makes videos on YouTube. When he draws web comics, he draws a character called “TheOdd1sOut.” He uses this character in his web stories. Webcomic character names are one of his online pseudonyms, and one of them is “Webcomic Character Name.” Most of Robert’s webcomics are based on things that happened to him when he was younger. Initially, he posted his work on “Tumblr.” Later, he used “iFunny,” “YouTube,” “Tapas,” and other social media sites to spread his work. In some of his webcomics, he talks about work, ASMR, and sports. On his YouTube channel, there are more than seven million subscribers. This is the second YouTube channel that Robert has set up. His first channel was very popular, but this one is already on its way to becoming just as popular. Also, Robert has written a book.

Robert has been drawn to drawing cartoon characters since he was in school. As soon as high school came around, he started making cartoons for his friends with their names and faces in the middle of them. With time, his hobby turned into a real passion, and Robert decided to make it his job. When he started out, he used “Tumblr” to become a webcomic artist. He made a white, round-faced character with an excited face called “TheOdd1sOut.” It looked like a marshmallow. All of Robert’s webcomics have a main character named “Robert.” Its name later became his online name. His first year was mostly spent sketching interesting people until he came up with the look of ‘TheOdd1sOut’. It was in January of this year that Robert started posting the Web comics that he had made on the webcomic platform “Tapas” (formerly known as “Tapastic”). A few months after that, he started a YouTube channel named after the character from the web comic.

At least five million people have seen the first video on the channel. It was called “A Book I Made as a Kid.” The videos on the channel are about Robert’s life in the form of webcomics. He made a video called “Sooubway,” which was about his time working at “Subway.” Robert made a lot more money from the “views” of this video than he did from his job at “Subway.” His videos are also on the Foodbeast blog, which is a popular site for food and drink. On December 31, 2017 alone, Robert had three million subscribers. To celebrate, Robert sprinkled himself with three million of them, one sprinkle for each subscriber. At the end of 2017, he had more than five million subscribers. After a short time, Robert was on Dave Trumbore’s list of “5 Indie YouTube Animators Poised for Mainstream Success,” which he put together. However, Robert now spends more time making YouTube videos and less time making webcomics.

As with other “YouTubers,” Robert doesn’t say hello to his viewers at the start of his videos like other people do. He doesn’t waste any time when he starts the story. This is how he draws the characters in the webcomic: with “PaintTool SAI” and “Adobe Premiere.” Robert uses the app “Audacity” to change the audio.

“Imaginary Friend” is a video that was made in 2017. The next year, he played Martha in the TV show “How It Should Have Ended.”
In 2017, Robert started a second YouTube channel called “TheOdd2sOut.” This is his second channel. The first video, on the other hand, was posted a few months after the first one. As of now, the video titled “Welcome to My Channel!” has had more than a million views. “Goodbye to this channel/We’re Back!”

Robert also posts a lot on Instagram and Twitter, but he isn’t very well-known there. There are a little over 580 thousand people who follow him on Twitter, and there are more than 61 thousand people who follow him on Instagram. When Robert wants to spread the word about the things he does, he has a website, too. One of his books is called “The Odd 1s Out: How to be cool and other things I learned from growing up.” The book is about Robert’s adventures as he grew up.

Personal life

When Robert was born on May 14, 1996, he was born in the US state of Arizona. There were four people in the family: his twin sister, Faith; and his older brother, Luke. His older sister and older sister His younger sister.
Robert has two dogs named Georgie and Poppy, which he bought from a pet store. There was a puppy born on Election Day in 2004, and it was named after the 43rd President, George W. Bush, who was born on that day. The dog was named after him. Before he was old enough to go to school, Robert had a ton of hamsters in his house. In badminton, which is his favorite sport, he is very good. His favorite color is dark blue.

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