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Katrina was born in November. 4, 1983 in New Hampshire, proudly represented all expectant mothers at a unique photo shoot – for the first time in the magazine’s history. He also spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about this experience.

“As long as I like it, I’m glad it didn’t happen in my 20s. It means more than anyone who’s 38, who’s a mom, and how much I value my body now compared to my 20s,” Katrina said. which. At the time, I was 38 and a half weeks pregnant, HL said. “To be able to represent more women, and more moms out there, and more women that may even feel like it’s too late for them because I thought maybe it was too late for me, and then this happened.”

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Katrina added that “for years, a lot of women had been told to hide their bumps to be in SI: Swim, or to as soon as possible postpartum, as soon as you can, get back into those pre-pregnancy pants,” and her shoot shows that times have changed. “I think it’s really beautiful now that the media and people are starting to open up and say, ‘Hey, this chapter of a woman’s life is really beautiful too, and it should be celebrated, and it should not she should not rush to look anything other than who she is, as she is postpartum.”

When she was asked by editor MJ Day to shoot for the new issue, Katrina admitted they “didn’t even hesitate” when she told them she was expecting. “They were like, ‘Yes, absolutely. This is a moment, let’s do this,'” she recalled. “They are incredible and they just really empower women. I feel so good. It was the best maternity suit I could ever wish for, and I will have it forever.

It’s a Fitness Guru

Katrina is a model, but she is also a big hit in the fitness industry, working as a co-founder of the YouTube health and fitness channel Tone It Up with her friend and business partner Karena Dawn. Their health label even filmed the reality TV series Toned Up in 2014, which aired on Bravo.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in health and fitness with a minor in nutrition, Katrina also received certification as a head fitness trainer and instructor. He started shooting videos on YouTube and eventually built a business. According to her website Live Beautifully, Katrina now focuses on helping people with their health and nutrition and helping them on their way to health.

“When I was growing up, they made fun of me for being obese,” Katrina writes on her website. “I asked my father for a treadmill … instead he gave me the strength of a home gym equipped with strength books, weights, dumbbells, a bench, and of course the treadmill I asked for … grade 5 I.”

He added: “I found my passion from strength training, strengthening, and teaching abs. Courses. There I decided to go to college to become a fitness and health professional. Now you can train with the most bizarre trainers at Tone It!

Her husband Brian Scott is also in the fitness industry

As for her personal life, Katrina, a girl named Katrina Hodgson, married Brian Scott. The couple married in 2013 after 10 years of dating and Brian also has experience in the fitness industry and founded Perfect Fit Protein (the brand later acquired Tone It Up in 2012).

The couple apparently met when Katrina’s friend invited her to a movie night party hosted by Brian. Basically, it was love at first sight for the star who told Inside Weddings: “At the end of the night Brian grabbed a guitar and a song for all of us. I immediately fell in love and there.”

Brian immediately asked for a hand by jumping into the lake and seemed to “find” an engagement ring. Katrina later recalled a blog post on her website: “She asked for a hand with the most beautiful words – she was my best friend and the love of my life. I was shocked, but I also smiled when I heard my mother enthusiastically ‘OMG’ for me (perhaps an inconspicuous curse).

Brian led Katrina at every turn as the pair collaborated on Tone It Up, where he began as co-founder and vice president of product innovation before evolving into his current role in product development and innovation, according to his LinkedIn page. She also appeared with Katrina and her co-founder Karena when they brought their empire to Bravo for the Toned Up series.

Today, Brian is also the founder and president of a baby brand called Baby Barn, which sells infant, toddler, and toddler clothing, which the website calls “soft, stylish [and] timeless.”

They have a daughter, Isabelle Margaret Scott (3), and a newborn daughter, Colette Jane, who was born on May 24th.

He has had fertility problems for more than two years

In addition to showing off her baby pimple to Sports Illustrated, Katrina is honest in her fight for pregnancy. “After two miscarriages, a chemical pregnancy, and more than two years of fighting fertility, we welcomed our rainbow baby on May 24,” said fitness founder PEOPLE on June 3 after the birth of his second daughter. “We are so excited to introduce you to Colette Jane. His name means victory – and he has brought great joy into our lives. ”

Katrina apparently had some problems with her pregnancy, but she didn’t let that stop her from having a family.

She also made more waves for Sports Illustrated as she ran on a swimsuit track at Miami Swim Week in July 2021 as she underwent IVF. In an interview with Outlet Today, Katrina Scott revealed that she initially hesitated when the outlet invited her to participate.

“I wasn’t ready yet – [the] amount of inflammation and hormones, [the] amount of things that happen [in my body], but I said, ‘I agree with that, even if it’s crazy. time in my body. ”

She was honest about her difficult journey with postpartum depression

In addition to the battle for IVF and the problems surrounding pregnancy, Katrina is also open about the struggles that occur after pregnancy, or postpartum depression.

“This is a Postpartum … Hospital Edition ️ What was the most unexpected you experienced after giving birth?” wrote a long post on Instagram, in which he described the problems in detail. The model revealed that giving birth to her second daughter “did not meet our expectations” because she had to have a cesarean section and “blood during my operation”, losing half of the blood that resulted from “3 blood transfusions”.

“It was scary for me and Brian and it still seemed like an out-of-body experience,” he continued. “[B] but I’m so grateful to Brian, my doctor, nurses, and people who donate blood. I only remember a few moments in OR … one of Brian’s eyes widened in tears and told me I was strong and I could do it – I didn’t mean you think I can do it.

Katrina remarked “what a miracle life is” and nothing more important than “love every time we’re together.”

“Women are warriors,” he added. “Doctors and nurses are heroes, people who donate blood are angels. This is after the birth. ”

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