Lost city Movie Review

Hello, Guy’s This is Prachi, and today I am here to write Lost city movie review, In this article, I am going to cover the story of lost city, casts, Reviews and more.

Story of Lost City Movie

Story : The Author of this movie whose name is (Sandra Bullock) Loretta. Who writes an adventure novel. The cover model for this movie is Alan (Channing Tatum). So she goes with Allen to promote her film novel. Meanwhile, a Villain comes in the form of (Daniel Radcliffe) Abigail. And he kidnaps Loretta. Because he is finding a lost city. Loretta has the knowledge of this. So he gets Loretta kidnapped.

Lost city movie review

Review :- In the story, we see Sandra Bullock’s character Loretta who is a real-life author promoting her treasure hunting novel (Lost city Movie). That too in association with Alan, the hero of his novel cover. Due to this his popularity is very high and Has increased among the people. Loretta’s troubles escalate when a brainwashed multi-billionaire man named Abigail Fairfax(Daniel Radcliffe) kidnaps Loretta. A brainwashed multi-billionaire Abigail kidnaps Loretta.

Because according to him the novel. that Loretta writes is related to the adventure novel so, Loretta can help him to find the island treasure that Abigail bought so he decodes Loretta. It’s Alan’s job to rescue Loretta from there. This is its whole story.

A treasure hunt movie full of action and adventure is called. ”To The Lost City” Movie. At the starting of the movie, we are shown Loretta Sage who is a fixer-book writer. she has written many adventure books. And the hero of his fixel book is Dash. whose real-life name is Alan.

Sandra Bullock (Loretta) writes a Romance adventure novel in which she is not satisfied with her work.
Because her husband has died 5 years ago. And her husband was her inspiration, together they used to explore the Arcological sides. Used to find out those things.

But after the death of the husband. It is not able to do anything new. From last 5 years. And it has a novel and its cover page which is very famous and which people like very much. She just pretends that she is an as a model.

Recently Loretta keeps writing her book called’ ”The Lost City Movie ”. Devine Joy Randoife (Beth) is the publisher of Loretta’s book. She invites Loretta to her event. In which Loretta could promote her book. In the middle, we see her publisher(beth) her cover model named Allen who is representing the fictional hero of her book.. Loretta doesn’t like Alan at all. But (Beth) insists on her.

Alan is the best for Hero and Promotion for your book. (Lost City Movie) . You both have to sit together. Loretta is furious because she doesn’t like Alan at all. But still, she sits with him in that event. After this Beth tells her that you have to spend some good time with Alan for a few days. So that my book gets published well. Because of this both of you can like each other.

Meanwhile, Loretta gets annoyed overhearing the conversation. She starts leaving from there. Loretta leaves alone angrily. Meanwhile, two men kidnap her and take her away in the middle of the way. All this is seen by Alan. Loretta is kidnapped by a man named Abigail (Daniel Radcliffe).

After the kidnapping, he tells Loretta that I am Abigail and asks Loretta to take out her book. This book is written by you, it is based on an actual history story. You have written the story of this book, it is real. And also tells her that I have found( the Lost City).

Which is in an island where there is a lot of gold deaf. Upon hearing this, Loretta refuses. After that Abigail puts a small piece of an Asian map in front of her. And tells her that this place is going to be destroyed by a volcano very soon. Still, Loretta isn’t ready to go there. Nevertheless, Abigail kidnaps her and takes her away.

Then Alan decides to help Loretta. Allen involves a man named Jack (Brad Pitt) Jack is engaged to a CIA operative on the edge of the Navy. Meanwhile, Loretta and Abigail have a conversation. He ties her to the chair. And lets her solve the piece of the map.

Meanwhile, Alan reaches that island. And he has also met Jack. After that, they both meet. After that, they both make a rescue plane. They grab Loretta with the chair and run away. And at the same time, planting a bomb in that place, they take Loretta along with them. When the bomb explodes, Abigail learns that Loretta has been abducted. And took his map along with her and left. Abigail quickly sends her men to follow Loretta.

Then, when Jack is untying the rope that tied Loretta to the chair, Abigail’s men show up. and shoots Jack. Meanwhile, Alan takes Loretta away in a car with a chair. And those people have not gone very far. His car has come near the ditch.

And she says to Alan, you take me from here quickly. After this, the car falls into the ditch below. Loretta sees a symbol in the middle of the waterfall. Which matches the map. This is what Loretta doesn’t tell Alan, Then Loretta and Alan develop an attraction.

Loretta sees the map as soon as morning comes, and Alan sees the map from behind. Then Loretta tells him everything. For this reason, Abigail kidnaps her and takes her to research treasure.

The next day, Loretta and Ellen reach a village. Then when a song is played in the village, Loretta understands the map after listening to the song. The Shank Crown, which Loretta and Ellen have come in search of, is in this forest. Hearing this, Allen also remembers that map. And tells Loretta, yes I saw the map too.

Abigail captures Loretta and takes her to the Treasure’s location (Lost City). The map he was looking for. Abigail goes to the place and finds out. There is a Crown made of sea sail, not Gold. Which is buried in that box. Then Loretta tells Abigail that it is my love and my husband’s love that is buried inside this box. Hearing this, Abigail has lost out of mind. He Angrily buries Loretta and Allen in the box where the crown is kept.

Loretta and Allen realize their mistake in that box. They both apologize to each other. Then after getting out of the Loretta gave their husband’s ring. The edge goes inside the box. After that, she starts a new life.

Main Characters of Lost City Movie

Main Character: The main focus of this film was the love story of both Alan and Loretta, which was a very interesting part, which was very funny, I liked the chemistry of both.

Overall my opinion of Lost City Movie

Overall : – Overall, if the film is seen, it entertains us and does not bore us anywhere. This film could have been better. If we talk about( Daniel Radcliffe) who was the character of Abigail, his character could have been shown even more negatively. He could have become funny.If you like action adventure movies, then you can also watch this movie with your family.

Lost City Movie Trailer

The lost city movie trailer

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Lost City Movie Cast

Sandra Bullockas Loretta Sage / Angela
Channing Tatumas Alan / Dash
Daniel Radcliffeas Abigail Fairfax
Brad Pittas Jack Trainer
Da Vine Joy Randolphas Beth Hatten
Oscar Nunezas Oscar
Patti Harrisonas Allison
Bowen yangas Ray the Moderator
Stephen Langas Fantasy Vilain( as Slang)
Jaon Pringleas Nana
Hector Anibalas Rafi
Thomas Forbes-Johnsonas Julian
Sli Lewisas Shades
Olga Bucarellias Woman Singing in village
Adam Nee as Officer Sawyer
Raymond Leeas Officer Gomez
Omar Patinas Limo Driver
Anthony Alvarezas Cigar Man
Ryan Orras Ryan Orr
Alex Schoenaueras Biker
Edwin Polancoas chef
Marcy Jarreauas Barb
Carolina Rohanaas Nerdy Teenage Girl
Jonathan Levas Airline Employee
katherine Montesas Dash Fan
Toussaint Merionneas Uniformed Man (as Merionne Toussaint)
Aaron Neeas (Directed by)
Adam Neeas (Directed by)

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