Orange Bikini & Kisses by Elizabeth Olsen Arnett, Robbie

Elizabeth Olsen and her husband Robbie Arnett shared an adorably intimate moment while vacationing together in Italy on May 28. In the steamy pics per The Daily Mail, Elizabeth rocked a tiny dark orange swimsuit with a triangle top, a cute blonde wavy bob, and classic circular sunglasses. Meanwhile, her beau Robbie sported mint green swim trunks.

Showing their love, Elizabeth stood on her tippy toes to give her hubby a smooch while affectionately wrapping her arms around him. The couple then embraced each other fondly while they observed their surroundings on a bright, sunny Italian day.

Clearly smitten with each other, Elizabeth and Robbie reportedly started dating around 2017. A professional musician, Robbie is a member of indie rock band Milo Greene, and proposed to the Ingrid Goes West actress in 2019.

Although the couple has attempted to keep the nature of their relationship out of the spotlight and off of social media, Elizabeth accidentally let it slip that the two were married in June of 2021. The exact date of the wedding is unknown, however, the WandaVision star referred to Robbie as her “husband” in a virtual interview with Variety and Kaley Cuoco.

Previously, the youngest Olsen sibling has been romantically linked to Boyd Holbrook, who she was engaged to from March 2014 to January 2015. She also casually dated fellow Marvel star Tom Hiddleston in 2015.

As for Elizabeth’s connection with her biological family, she reports that she has a strong bond with her older twin sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She says she felt protected by them growing up, and also credits their fame for helping her get her foot in the door in the cutthroat acting industry.

Now a mainstream success, Elizabeth’s latest major feat is playing Wanda Maximoff, aka The Scarlett Witch, in the high-grossing 2022 film, Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with HollywoodLife, the actress opened up about her character’s emotional journey during the action-packed movie.

“She has a new kind of confidence that we haven’t seen in 8 years, and she’s really not apologizing for anything. She feels very clear in her beliefs. I find it very admirable, and I enjoyed throwing her into this journey of madness. I think it’s okay to play characters that people get frustrated with sometimes. I enjoy that as an actor,” Elizabeth insightfully revealed.

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