Review of ALTBalaji | Fixerr: A show that exhibits ego, sexism, and cliches from the past

A flurry of shows is being released across OTT platforms today, boasting of high production value matching international standards. Stories, locations and performances are getting more stimulating. The divide between content on television and digital platforms is getting wider and more obvious by the day. Viewers are discerning, making the space more interesting and competitive at the same time.

Fixerr on ALTBalaji is about a suspended cop who turns into a fixer, but eventually gets entangled in a web with his life hanging in the balance. Inspector Jaiveer Maalik (Shabbir Ahluwalia) is an honest cop who gets suspended for an accidental shooting during an encounter. However, he is nudged into the world of fixing by Brij Nath Dalmia (Varun Badola) who had availed himself of his services in the past. Kesar Maalik (Mahie Gill) is his ‘vrat-keeping’ wife, who vows to not eat non veg, but eventually gets tempted at the mere mention of it.

Jayanti Javdekar (Isha Koppikar) is a husband-dominating cop, who is Maalik’s right hand. Vicky Kapoor (Rajat Rawail) is a rich producer often stuck in precarious situations, with Maalik bailing him out everytime. Brij Nath Dalmia’s sole aim in life is to ensure his family’s reputation is kept intact, along with his son’s image building. Yashpal Sherawat (Tigmanshu Dhulia) can’t stand Maalik and wants to bring him down.

Throughout the series, Maalik is always busy fixing things and people’s lives, with his wife getting ignored in the process and him seeming to lose control over his life. The story gets interesting towards the end, with major plot twists taking shape. However, the initial episodes of the series are on shaky ground, where the plot and comedy seem forced.

What’s Wow: We fell in love with Isha Koppikar’s portrayal of a badass cop who is hand-in-glove with Maalik and is the man of her house

What’s Blah: Myth: Jaiveer Maalik tells Brij Nath Dalmia that homosexuality is a choice. Fact: Being homosexual is not a choice. It is not something you choose to be. It is something you are!

When Maalik accidentally shoots a criminal’s wife, he is summoned by his senior and asked to put his badge on the table. Maalik arrogantly says that it is beyond office hours and now all that remains is formalities. He walks out, without giving his badge. We don’t think he can do that.

Brij Nath Dalmia, while putting up an act at the hospital, butt slaps the nurse. In this #MeToo era, we wish the makers stayed away from such crass portrayal of a man who loves getting fresh with women.

Though Inspector Maalik has a wife, he has sex with any woman who makes a move on him, even an airhostess. Well, in his defense, he does give a disclaimer stating that such acts won’t take a man anywhere. Not cool!

Sex seems to be the linking factor among the male characters. Brij Nath Dalmia has a similar character and so does producer Vicky Kapoor. It is just that they pay for sex and inspector Maalik doesn’t.

Inspector Maalik whistles and gestures the camera to come closer every time he wants to let the viewers in on a secret, the camera suddenly zooms in to a close up of Shabbir’s face. It gets too much after a point.

Half-hearted performances.

Parting Shot: Time Lost cannot be found. This one can be given a miss!

Cast & Crew: 

Cast: Shabbir Ahluwalia (Jaiveer Maalik), Mahie Gill (Kesar Maalik), Karishma Sharma (Aahana), Tigmanshu Dhulia (Yashpal Sherawat), Varun Badola (Brij Nath Dalmia), Isha Koppikar (Jayanti Javdekar), Gagan Anand (Tarun Dalmia)

Creative Director (ALTBalaji): Baljit Singh Chaddha

Executive Producer (ALTBalaji): Aakaash Berry, Insiya Burmawala

Producer: Riti Sawhney (Ekomkar pictures Pvt Ltd)

Concept & Story: Sakett Saawhney

Screenplay: Adhir Bhat, Ankush Salaria, Baljit Singh CHaddha

Director: Soham, Ankush Bhatt

Dialogues: Ajaydeep Singh

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