Black Panther is a masterpiece when it comes to Marvel Comics Universe ( MCU ) films . Unlike the ”superhero origin ”type movies MCU is known for . This film is fresh is fresh and unique with a gripping plot and stellar performances from the whole cast , I love how there is a majorirty black cast and that the women are not stereotypical “damsels in distress ” type characters .

Directed by Ryan Coogler who is known for making films about different cultures and starring Chadwick baseman as the lead as well as Michael B. Jordan , Lupita Nyong’o Danai Gurira , Martin Freeman , andy serkis and the critically acclaimed south african playeright , john kani , audiences will be left on the edge of their seats . love the outfits and how they represent the culture of fictional wakanda in the film as well as various African cultures . the fol also has stunning visuals .

The film is comparatively light on action , and the pacing occasionally stumbles in the back half , but the sharp character work and rich production design make up for nitpicks here and there . And when the action does arrive , it is brutal and to the point , with a second – ac car chase combining real – world action with Wankadian technology that i could watch on a loop for hours on ends .

The first act is dedicated to setting up the world of wakanda ( an isolated nation shielded from the outside world and powered by otherworldly technology and arguably a what if Africa had never been colonized fantasy ) and T’Challa’s from price to king coronation process .

After we get a real introduction to our key villian ( Michael B Jordan ) that we really great down to business . The movie asks knoty questions about reaching out to help those like you who have been persecuted , even if you yourself have escaped the world subjugation and thrived by virtue of your invisibility . In time of great social and political upheaval , the question of how much allies should be expected to sacrifice even if the rot has not personally affected them yet may be the defining moral question of our time .

The film keeps its righteous anger mostly in the hands of its villain , and it works as a rousing superhero adventure for kids who wants to see a black superhero doing the superhero thing. But it is still refreshing to see a Walt Disney superhero movie taking for granted that America is intrinsically detrimental to black lives .

Black Panther is a fine stand – alone action drama that deals with the consequences of a modern civilization made possible by widespread colonization . The cinematography also very neat and the visuals were stunning . The ancestral plane sequences were top notch . The first fight between Tchalla and kill monger is well choreographed the end fight is full of cGI . the production design and costumes perfectly suited the African nation . The musical score is one of the biggest elements iin this film . salutes to Ryan coogler for this Marvelous movie .

All of the caste members are rounded out really well . Boseman really gets to shine here after his debut in civil war , and he has a great dynamic with everybody around him . Lupita Nihongo’s is great as Nakia , T’Challa’s love interest , and her character represents all the good that wankanda can do for the rest of the world . Letitia Wright , meanwhile , kills the role of Shuri , T’challa’s sister . She is a very witty character , and her relationship with her brother is entertaining to watch . I also enjoy how she is able to rival Tony shark in intelligence , and her technology makes for really entertaining sequence . Danai gurira is another standout character , and her technology makes for really entertaing sequences . danai Gurira is another standout character as okoye , the leader of the Dora Milaje , Wankanda ‘s all female elite guard . angela bassett plays T’challa’s mother ramonda . and she is a very supportive mother to her son despite her husband death. Other cast members include Daniel Kaluuya as W’kabi , T’challa’s best friend and love interest to Okoye , Winston Duke as M’Baku , leader of he jabari tribe and later comic relief , Forest Whitaker as Zuri , a lifelong friend of T’Challa , and Martin Freem , returing from civil war as Everett Ross . Killmonger is among the best villians in the MCU . He represents disrespected and disenfranchised indiviuals who have not been a part of thir country history . His plan boils down to waning to fix the world through pitting white people through for centuries . It is not hard to see where he comes from after lerning his history , he grew up without any real family , and witnessed his people neing treated unfairly , all while Wakanda , this wonderful paradise across the world , had been hiding the tools to fix it .

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