I honestly loved this movie and the marvel is taking risks. sam raimi does a phenomenal job incorporating horrorelements with marvel lore that works so well together. his camera style, sound, and directing are absolutely amazing and remind me of classic 90’s, and 80’s horror films. Elizabeth oslen is an absolute scene stealer for me, loved every second. her ruthlessness and determination to find her kids were so heartbreaking and as an audience member, you were able to empathise with her wrongdoings. benedict cumberbatch was a joy to watch in this movie as well , every scence he was exhilarating and vivid in his acting , especially with the variant storyline . He embodies dr. strange well and can’t wait to see more of him. All the supporting cast was fun to watch as well; MCadams, wrong, and gomez were all fun addictions to the pacing and the script itself. it just needs about 15-20 more minutes and more smooth writing, but overall an absolute scary, entertaining, fun film. I will definitely watch it again 8/10 for me.


what does wanda gets just for doing a similar thing to dr strange but in purpose of finding her kids? well she gets the entire world of magic up against her.

i think this would’ve been a good story bead to dive deeper into because in this world “men fail up” while women are judged more harshly for the same mistakes their male counter parts make.

besides my above disappointments with the film, i think it was a cinematic masterpiece. the pacing was so phenomenal that i didn’t even realise that time was passing as i watched the movie . it kept feeling like i was in the first 30 mins whole time. The fight scene were phenomenal and took full advantage of magic aspect.

at the end of the day if you ignore all the CGI, superpowers, and craziness; this is one of the most relatable and human stories you will ever find. its about a mother fighting to be with her kids. and as we see in nature there’s no force more dangerous than a mother fighting for her kids. and this movie embodies that sso perfectly well.


dr. strange hands down the best marvel movie i have seen to the date. no way home and black panther takes a back seat to this.

there are some minor story mistakes here and there like

>HORRIBLE ‘show and telling” that cheapened and already lacklustre back story

>the cliche ‘hero all of a sudden knows how to use their powers perfectly at the end when they need it even though there was a little evidence of that during the film”

also fell like there was a deeper story to be told that was only lightly touched on in relation to the patriarchy. dr strange is allowed to almost break the multiverse to help a kid and his friends get into collage (when he literally could have done anyway if he just a simple email) and recives 0 consequences whatsover. but wanda does in the pursuit of finding her kids after losing everything dear to her. she killed the love of her life only for it to mean nothing because of dr. strange gave thanos the very stone he used to undo wanda’s sacrifice and rip the soul stone out of his head . (if this doesn’t make sense to the non marvel fans see the last 30 – 20 mins of infinity war).


Dr strange is one of the few characters that brought me into marvel’ the comics and the MCU. i sill remember when in late 2015 i saw dr strange teaser i had an unusual feeling of connection and wibe with the character even brought some. when i saw the first part i was baffled. i feel that i shared a great emotional connect and resemblance with the character of stephen strange myself. i went on watch all the MCU films and after 6 years this second part comes out my mind is filled with joy and excitement and past references.

overall multiverse of madness is like a LSD trip with many unexpected turns and elements of shock and startle. the story isn’t continuous with the character and confusion , excitement, astonishment, grief but trust me it would be worth of watch it . the movie is dark, trippy, surprising, exciting and bewildering. it would be highly over simplified to call it the best marvel movie but it is definitely the most unique and different one.


Dr strange in the multiverse of madness is one heck of psychadelic and trippling experience, it is one of the most unique and different marvel movies ever. the cinematography , CGI, music, visuals, effects and unusual elements of horror and surprise add to the flummoxing experience. the movie has a ton of past references from the MCU , fantastic four , disney and also the comics, and one could understand and enjoy those references only if they are familiar with the past timeline and have read a handful comics. the direction of the movie is exactly what made it entirely different from a typical MCU movie experience , thanks to the director sam raimi who did wonders in directing the film . the story and plot of the movie however focueses more on character of wanda maximoff and scarlet witch though the screen time of strange is more than that of wanda. different versions of dr strange from alternate realities have been explored in the movie which provides a deep insight into the multiverse and its infinite possibilities an idea rather very untouched or non dived deep into the previous marvel movies. the character of america chavez has been brought into limelight in character developed very randomly and the film could have done better with giving more importance of the character development of chavez through at the end of the movie she plays an important role. overall the movie was brilliant and unique.

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