Doctor strange is mainly an action and mysterious movie with great action scenes and visual effects , it also has powerful dialogues and strong performance that add to the quality of storytelling .

Doctor strange follows Stephen Strange , an arrogant neurosurgeon who’s among the best in his profession . Doctor strange in the film was a egoistic man , when he loses the use of his hands after an accident , he travels to the land of karma – Taj to find a way to fix them . there he meets the Ancient one (Tilda Swinton ) , the Master of the mystic arts , and Karl Mordo who offer to instruct him in the ways of sorcery . He then gets involved in a magical war against the ancient one former student Caecilians , who wants to obtain the powders of the Sorcerer supreme for himself and gain immortality .

Doctor Strange is another fairly straightforward hero’s journey . Strange losses his hands , something he really values , and on a quest to fix them , ends up gaining somethings more meaningful . sure, this kind of story has been told numerous times, but the things with Marvel is that they’re always able to sell it in a way that feels fresh . This is largely due to the vast number of different characters manage to make us care about the story .

Benedict Cumberbatch is great as the title character . He manages to sell stranger’s arrogance as well as you would hope , and it make his eventual ,maturity into a wiser man all the more worth investing in. of course , Cumberbatch also turns out to have great comedy chops , leading to some pretty funny movements between him and his fellow sorcerers .

Ejiofor’s Mordo is such fascinating character to watch . he is fiercely loyal to the ancient one , and his friendship with strange is also engrossing . this film tests mordo’s loyalty to his friends in several ways , and it leads to him becoming strongly disillusioned with the ways of magic by the end . I am really looking forward to seeing more of him in the future hell if , marvel plays their cards right ( and they probably will ) , Mordo could end up becoming one of the MCU’s best villains .

Meanwhile , Wong (Benedict wrong) ends up becoming an entertaining foil to strange . He’s a no – nonsense librarian as well as a skilled sorcerer , but he too has great comic timing . I especially liked his first foray into pop music and the funny bit with him laughing at the end of the movie .

Mikkelsen Caecilians is a fairly interesting villain for this , movie he makes strange question people’s concept of right and wrong and how far they are willing to go to protect the world . the Ancient one makes for a great mentor to strange , and swinton’s performance is excellent . Rachel mc Adam’s christine Palmer makes for a fun love interest to strange . and i hopen we ee more of her in the future . Interestingly enough , in marvel comics , she’ s known as night nurse ,same as claire temple , played by Rosario Dawson in Marvel’s netflix show .

the one word to describe the visual effect in Doctor Strange , it would be ” psychedelic ”. The quantum realm in ant – man was nuts , but when it comes to trippy special effects , this movie takes the freaking cake . It feels like marvel was taking drugs when they were making these senses . There are so many colors , and i love me some colorful visuals in my action movies . the action senses are so entertaining , the cloak of levitation is its own character with its movements and behaviors , city blocks twist and turn and everything in between , and the time – travel hijinks allow for even more visuals – effects goddess . if another doctor strange movie have these kinds of eye – popping visuals sign me up .

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