Marvel cinematic universe

The movie that started it all . People may wonder if this film is still any good considering so many Marvel movies have come after it and the answer is simply , yes . The reason the MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe ) was able to take off so quickly was because Iron Man IS such a good film to start with . Spiderman , X- men , Blade < Fantastic four and The Hulk may have come just a few short years before but Iron Man felt different . it had a more real world seriousness to it as if you could believe this could actually happen , but it was also light – hearted enough that it did not feel heavy and overly emotional – it found an effective balance . The technology in the film as was futuristic but not so futuristic that you found it unbelivable – once again , it found the right balance between current and future tech . what also made it different to previous and future super hero film is the Tony does not actually have a smooth transition into the iron man persona – he suffer mechanical mishaps during trial and still has very clear limitation on his suits abilities . it could limitations on his suits abilitiues , it could of been very easy for the film just to say Tony stark built his suit and got it right first time no problems and move on to the bad guy but they did not they showed tha trials and error and near misses and made the character relatable . my favorite scene is when iron man , with his new red and gold paint job , flies to the middle east for his first proper outing as a hero . he ends up taking out gun welding terrorists and a tank while deflecting bullets and looking badass ..

Final verdict

The film finds the near perfect balance of fun , drama , seriousness and action . it is not my favorite film in the MCU but it is still a whole lot of fun and i actually mis the simplicity f the eariler movie like this . There s a couple slow spots and runs a tad long but all in all , highly recommanded .

Super hero iron man

i had no interest in superhero movies until the release of avengers : infinity war . i had decided to watch all the MCU movies so that i could catch up before endgame releases . these was the very first one in the list and also the very reson why i stuck on this franchise , because i knew that if the very first movie had so much to offer , i did really be in for some good time with all these movies . and since this movie attempted to do something new that i will talk abou later , Tony Stark already became my favourite MCU character .

Acting of the actors

Firt of all , the acting in this movie is superb . I have heard people say that Robert Downey Jr’s acting is quite mediocre , but here i felt as thought it as terrific . He actually feels like he is the character . If he wanted he did not have to do the finger snapping thing while waiting for Jarvis to download the data for the suit upgrades , he did not have to sound non chalet every time something great happened and he did not even have to make those quirky one liners in every scene . but he still did all of that . and with just that personality combined with character development he managed to completely steal the show . alongside the acting another thing that made this movie great is the idea . until now we used to see superheroes to be like ” i have to keep my identity a secret uwu ” . But this is finally the movie where the superhero comes in front of the press and says i am iron man . also the superheroes are shown to have very high morals who can never be wrong and inspire other people to be like them . you will never expext them to be self centred and care free . of course nowadays this is rapidly becoming an idea of showing superhero to be morally corrupt , but this is not what this ovie is saying . it is just a man with a super suit who fight bad people entirely out of his own choice without any concern of whAT OTHER SAY . THE cgi AND CINEMAATOGRAPHY IS ANOTHER THING THAT MAKES THIS MOVIE SO GREAT . IF YOU JUST SEE THE PLOY , WHAT IS there ? a man gets attacked by terrorits he builds a suit to save himself , he upgrade it and becomes the superhero , the bad guys who wants to take over the world finds out his old suit , hero villian fight , hero wins roll credits . most of this was shown in the trailer itself . but what mainly carries it is the visual appeal and tone . it is fun to see iron man just do something on the big screen . it is so visually satisfying to see him failing the design and trying to fix them . even the scene in which stane pulss iron man’s Arc reactor was scary , but fun to watch .

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