I am a super hero fan from an all early age . and till date i have watched numerous superhero movies and tvs . i also watched kamala khan in avengers assemble and in marvel risings . i am not a fan of Ms. marvel nor i was too exited for the show . but after the pilot it really leaves me waiting for episode 2. i would say that it really crossed the expectations that everyone has made about it , it was a fantastic experience . at least for me , an Indian boy and the plot of the show is based on a Pakistani family and the family lineup of both indian and Pakistan are same .. they may have other differences . so it was quite relatable and interesting to watch . and i know that this show will rise in standard as it nears it is ending episodes .now talking of the people who does not satisfy their expectations of some serious tone and thus did not wanted to watch it and discard it even before it was released , i have only one thing to say that everything is not moon knight or loki or daredevil or dsimom . every charcter has their own backstory , has their own powers and has their own theme . o – one should expert an R rated ms . marvel show or one having a dark tone as moon knight , i know that in the current cenerio of multiverse , brutal R rated charcter demand ms marvel will not be a very good success and will not make place in many people’s liking list . and personally i am not biased . iam ok with everything may it be r rated or horror or humerous or for mature audiences or for young audiences . i totally like to see everything . and being of the same age as iman vellani this show on the life a teenage kid is totally relatable to me and i can say her acting was perfect acording to the type of role she has to play . this show has a simple casual storyline nothing as complicated as daredevil or dark themed as moon knight .

it is story arc may not be as strong as moon knight as it a simple story of a simple superhero . moon knight is moon knight and ms marvel is ms marvel . so i do not think the comparison of shows based on personal liking is fair . because if everything happens in the same way then a time will come when uniqueness will disappear and that time these fans will only find the contents less appealing and superhero jounra will come to an end . now talking about the change in power ms marvel is not a popular core character like spidey or superman so slight change in powers does not matter at all . moreover , the power up given is quite cool nothing disappointing . moreover , i do not think anyone would have been interested if mr fantastic and ms marvel had similar powers . so it is better to have something different it mau be considered as a mashup of mr fantastic and invisible woman . so i would request all to appreciate what we got and ffreely express our thoughts after proper recheck of the thoughts not randomly through flick thoughts . as too harsh negative replies really break hearts and iman vellani is new actress and these things might end her acting career before it is even started .. as such incidents are common ( in case of Xochitl Gomez a . k . a america chavez got death threats by fans when dsimom got banned in few countries or wyatt russell a . k , a us agent faced same things when he was chosen to pay a temporary replacement of c. america i TFATWS ) .

and if anybody dislikes the show they must quit watching it instead of writing rubbish and insulting the actor and actresses and watch the same shows repeatedly instead of demanding cancellation for self satisfaction .


Ms. marvel definitely feels like you are watching an actual awkward teenager instead of an adult pretending to be a tteenager , unlike so many other teenage superheroes . the pacing on this show is fantastic , the side characters are also a joy to watch and do not take up an unnessary amount of screen time . the charcter of kamala being palaced squarely in full family dynamics is so rare for superheroes where most , if not all , do not have any parents or guardian looking out for them . this protrayal of teenage superhero is musch more realistic than any that i have seeen before . gone are the day of teenageres who get [ower and are immediately in the next minutes saving computer trains from falling off the tracks . the music selection , the artistry , the visuals are all beautiful and vibrant . it is obvious the creators of this show are navigating kamala culture heritafge as a oakistani ameriacn muslim with the utmost respect and research . i acn not wait to seee whee marvel takes the story of ms . marvel . definitenly a must watch for anyone in the family , althought gen z will likely great real lick out of this one .


There is a lot of good and a lot bad in my opinion , i love the charcter and i feel that the story is not doing the charcter or the actress justice which is pity . hopefully things will imrove . iam maybe over scroing it a bit but i love the character so much and despite the power change which i also do not really like am iust greatful that is she is here .. ?

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