Level of the movie

After watching the Shang chi and the legend of the ten rings. I just wanna say it is a whole another-level movie, just epic. The fight between mom and dad in the jungle was amazing. the highlighting of the first half was the bus sequences, that fight was considered of 15 – 20 minutes, they just nailed it. Talking about the Martial arts oh man it is speechless and the scintillating background music goosebumps movement. What a way to kick stay the phase 4 of the marvel movies 2 hours 20 minutes 1 hours only action. But this movie 2 hours 12 minutes 1 hours 45 minutes full hi fi action very less dialogue, filled with super action only. The action sequences is so high rated that I can not tell in words you should just experience on the big screen. The way of asian culture and all these other thing are just typecasted and not shown in a glorified manner. But in this movie the way asian culture is respected is absolutely mind blowing and I think this will play a very big part in this movie mega success .taking about the acting performance the whole film actors and actresses are from China and the beat a tie was Tony Leung as the villain, what a amazing performance he is the most senior actor and the most experienced character in the whole cast and that has proofed his facial expressions was absolutely terrific.

The legend if the ten ring

this film has all the hallmarks of marvel superhero film – a clear plot , light comedic touches , relatable characters . and a climax with lots of CGI and fireworks – but has the distinctive stamp of Hongkong action films , full of the kinetic and elegant martial arts fight sequences that would thrill the hearts of many a jackie chan fan . the movie has a distinct Asian flavour masterfully blended with western aesthetic , much like the protagonist shaun himself . the action scences are laden with the wuxia style of martial arts , with crisp wuxia style of martial arts , with crisp choreography that is fast but never confusing . There is no choppy cinematography here to convey action the movements speak for themselves , and are coherent enough that they need no slowing down for the audience .

Physical skill of the actors

Mad props to the fight choreographer , but we must also appreciate the physical skill of the actors . Simu Liu ( Shang – Chi ) has an extensive background in martial arts , and does most of hus own stunts . Meng’er Zheng and Fala chen , who portrayed his sister and mother respectively , did extensive preparation for their action sequences . Tony Leung ( as shang chi villianous father Xu wenwu ) and michelle yeoh ( as his aunt ying nan ) have been doing these kinds of action film for decades , befitting their roles as experienced warrior . after watching numerous HK action movies as a child , i have formed a rather high standard for martial arts action sequences , as even low – budgets HK films have well – crafted fight scenes . Shang chi is full of such action sequences , with similar creativity in the set pieces . Shaun’s first in a movin bus reminds me of the visual energy in speed . a run in with the usual army of evil minions stop dizzing heights of bamboo girfers seems more like an elegant performances by cirque du soleil .

Comedic performance

the page does slow down during the flashbacks which expalin shaun’s evolution as a fighter . however , Tony leung masterful performance pulls the viewr in and even elicits a modicum of sympathy for his villain . the castt is well rounded out by great comedic performances from Akwafina shag chi BFF katy and ben kingsley ( reprinsing his role as trevor slattery from iron man 3 ) , both actors were in their elemet , and their great comic timing and delivery contributes much tothe joy that permeated the film . i had started the movie by mu=yself , but the climactic battle scence caught the atttention of my 6 year old . he asked to go back to the beginning and was glued to the scren , awed by the fight scnces . It looks as though they are dancing , he said , referring to an earl fight scene set in a serene bamboo forest . by the end of the movie he was coping shang chi fighting style . whta more significant is that the main characters reflect his asian heritage , like Black panther , shang chii , is not just a great super hero film , it is the rare hollywood blockbuster where most of the cast are people of colour , i am looking forward to more movies featuring shang – chii

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