Premiering at the 2015 Toronto international film festivall , ridley scoot’s ‘The martian ‘ tells the incredible story of one man’s survival after beng lefts on mars . spanning over 141 minutes , the martian , bring Andy Weir’s 2011 novel to the big screen in well paced , well written affair that features a star – studded cast with matt damon at its helm .

Presumed dead by his team after a vicious strom during a manned mission to mars , mark watney finds himself standed on the red planet , 385 million kilometres away from home . Relying on his resourcefulness , mark must find a way to keep himself alive and find a way to signal to earth that he did not die while NASA and his crew try to reach him .

Matt Damon gives a great performance in the lead role . he does a terrific job keeping viewers interested throughtout the film , especially considering he is the only person in the majority of the scenes . the supporting cast , including jessica chastain , kristen wiig , sebastian stan , and a whole host of hollywood finest , all give solid performances acoss the film . not only does Damon do a splendid job keeping viewers enterained , but drew godard is screenplay makes sure viewers do not get bored when watney starts mentioning thingd like hexadecimals and many other scientific details .

For the most part , the science behind ‘ the martian ‘ is surprisingly accurate . some are comestic , but the most important one , the storm that cuses the film is events to take place , is something that can not physically happen . Scott’s use of various wide and over head shots does a great job emphassing Mark ‘s isolation and loneliness , the visual effects on display throughout the film are impressive . the VFX department does an incredible job making sure the CGI used looks realistic and does not blatantly stand out to viewers .

despites being a futuistic sci fi film , the martian incorporates , themes that link to idea of human nature and humanity future .man is natural desire to persevere and surive plays a key role in the film – if mark did not have this overwhelming hunger to survive he probably would not have made it home , this directly links to themes of hope and possobility . one of the first times mark addresses the audience , he directly says , i am not gonna die here . The film asks the question of what future space travel will look like , and if we might actually have humans on mars sooner rather than later .

The biggest theme , however , is isolation / separation and what effects prolonged isolation has on someone . the only thing that appears to keep mark sane through the film seems to be his access to a video log , telling both the log and viewers , what he is thinking and planning . The psychological effect of this shows up when mark is finally rescued by his team and instantly tears up at the thought of being with other people again . even the production design carries acros this theme , the crew kit and equipment remind mark that he is all alone , with nothing and no one.

On the whole, The Martian, does a brilliant job making the viewers feel like they are with Mark. The performance all the help the viewer feel as through they are in the scene with Mark .Over all, The Martian, is a superb film that showcases a sensational performance from it’s lead and features striking cinematography. Ridley Scott provides AudiencewAudience with a movie that fans of off planet adventure will enjoy for years to come.

The story goes by when astronauts blast off from the planets Mars, they leave behind Mark Watney, presumed dead after a fierce storm. With only a meagre amount of supplies, the stranded visitor must utilise his wits and spirit to find a way and spirit to find a way to survive on the hostile planet. meanwhile, back on earth, members of NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring him home, while his crew mates hatch their own plan for a daring rescue mission.

The storytelling techniques work well enough to keep the film engaging. It’s a film about human error, the will to survive, and the responsibility that we have as human beings, not just to the work that we dedicate our lives to, but to one another as people. Despite being marketed under the mainstream bait of a space movie.

The acting and plot are great featuring the best work and the best performance I have ever seen from Matt Damon, and an outstanding supporting cast.

The Martian is an extraordinary tale of watneys extreme optimism, courage, determination and most importantly ingenuity. It is more than anything a love letter to science.


Roght off the bat the movie just grabs you and keep on the end he of your seat you find yourself cheering for this guys to get back to his homeland and when it finally happened I cried because it just felt like such an overwhelming experience.

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