Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man ever . This coming from a huge fan who is loved every incarnation to the character . That being said , after the huge success of Spider-Man homecoming , which gave us a plethora of believable characters , each with their own unique nichw, character traits and compelling story arcs , why then , was the intellectual driving force , nay , the entire physics rule book , thrown clear out the window and out if existence when conceptualizing this massively expensive adventure .

the relationship between peter parker , his peers , love interest and teachers was tediously dull , overly repetitive and mundane , afar cry from the endearing qualities which shined in spiderman homecoming and formed a huge part of story arc .

The additional of Jon Favre happy hogan as an integral part of the story line not just an afterthought was quit favorable . jon is not only a fine addition to the cast but he brings with him the enormous sentiment of iron man into the fold . the relationship between happy and aunt may however , really downplayed marisa tomei’s performance , from the wise , worrisome and loving aunt , to a giddy , happy -go – lucky diva , with a childhood crush .

but again , to recap the main flaw of this tale ; the assault which devasted spiderman should have killed him . it would have killed him . it would have killed the Hulk , maube thor and possibly even spiderman . a crepe and polumer leotsrd , regardlesss how well crafted it is bio molecular composition may be , cannot withstand being riddle by 9 milli meter rounds , impacing at 1,400 feet per second or being hammered , by a 3000 ton locomotive , travelling at speeds over 240 kilometers per hour . Also , even if we accept the idea that a thousand , extremely dvanced drones , could create the huge and enormously elaborate hologram of the elemental beings , whybin the world would that have any effect on the wind , the atmosphere , water or any of the other elements present during the holographic battles which impacted the bystanders present ?

over all , i believe this version of spiderman was rushed out of the gates which was reminiscent to the desolate feeling created by the incorporation of captain marvel to the MCU fold . it ws not a feeling i would have expected from any of the spider man films as i have been literally blown away by all of the interpretation to this character .

once again , the MCU delivers another great spider man film . anytime i go to these film i never feel disappointed with the results . the humour is on point . not only is there the witty comedy you would find in typical marvel movie , but there are plenty of down to earth , clever and hilarious moments which are easily relatable for awkward adolescents everywhere .

this movie is visually stunning , delivering plenty of jaw dropping moments where youcan tell that the VFX astists obviously care about making every action scene look excellent .

finally , the performance from all the cast hare great , but the real standout are Tom Holland and Jake gyllenhall . Holland once again soliddifies his place as the best spidey in motion picture yet and while Michael keaton did help to raise the standard for MCU villians , Gyllenhaal did more thsn emough to fill thpose big boots .

Spider man : far from Home is a comlicated affair not in erm of the story , but the cobflicting emotion you maynbe feeling coming out of he threatre .

spider man is my favourite marvel super hero and tom holland jis my favourite peter parker . jake gyllenhaal is also one of my favourite actors so with the two coming togher i had high expectation . did they meet them ? my heafrt says yes , bu my headbsays no .

anyone who knows thecomic knows that gyllenhaal mysterio is going to be the main villain despite posing as a good guy . gyllenhaal does well in the role but the writing seemed a little rushed when it came to his character heel turn . it came across as messy even the demise of his character uwas sudden and a little dispponting . holland put in a great performance and remain the best live action spider man of all time . his relationship feel real and are very entertaining . when peter eventually hooks up with mj i cared even doing a napoleon dynamite yess as they kiss at the end .

there is a lot of action in this flick and visually it was stunning and the final battle is set in London on Tower bridge , which looked awesome ! but here in lies the main issue of the movie . spider man far from home is entirely predictable . i knew exactly what was going to happen once us the in audeince are let in on Mysterio’s real persona . this is majorly distracting and definitely dragged down what could have easily been the best movie in the MCU . There are points in the movie where the script will use comedy to cover up area that do not make any sense or were set up poorly .

this hmovie also suffers from something we have seen before in the MCU . There are too many jokes .The majority of the jokes do lamd and there were many times where i was laughing out loud in the cinema . however there are plenty of times where jokes were left yto a dull silence from the audience , and most of these jokes are very similar and are coming from the same character s . yes , i got that flash obnoxiously live streams from his instagram as often as he can , you do not have to show me every time he does so . or the science teacher that comes on the trip with them . The teacher we were introduced to in home coming is fleshed out more and had some of the funniest lines in the movie . the other teacher is only there for comic relief and i do not think i laughed at a single one of his jokes . The post and mid – credits scenes are probably Marvels most important in all its 23 movies leaving to shocking climax as Peter’s identity is revealed to the public . this is a major development as this changes everything in parker’s immediate universe .

i really want to give this movie an 8 out of 10 . i love spider and i was entertained throughout the movie . bu its predictability lets the fil down . there several moments that where the movie became incredibly transparent which did leave a sour taste in my mouth . i would give this a 7 out of ten , it is definitely better than a pass but i wanted more from the movie .

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