Rangnarok partially adapts the marvel comics storyline Planet Hulk and the Hulk himself is utilised more than he has been in the past. The hulk is given a bigger role, as we begin to see the conflict between Hulk and Banner really really present itself. It does not hurt that the hulk is now able to actually speak, and he gets several great one – liners. The movie also gives Thor and Banner more interaction tha. In past Avengers movie, it’s fun to watch them team up. Benedict Cumberbatch turns in a brief but fun cameo as Doctor Strange, he does not play a huge role in the grand scheme of things, but it is fun to see him one last time before the infinity war.


It is not all goodness in Ragnarok, at the heart of it all is Thor accepting his role as King of Asgard, and his desire to live up to his father Odin’s legacy has formed the backbone of his arc in the MCU. And things begin to take a dark turn by the time the credits roll

Thor Ragnarok has been touted as the Thor trilogy and it is not hard to see why. Taking over from Kenneth Branagh and Alan Taylor, Taika Waititi adds a touch of weird to the God of Thunder adventures. Add Taika unique, zany style to a fun story, fun character, and plenty of action, and we have got a memorable conclusion to Thor solo series.


This movie follows Thor as he is tossed from Asgard all the way to the planet salwar and forced to compete in a tournament for his freedom. With the help of his brother loki, newcomer Valkyrie ( Tessa Thompson ) , and his fellow avenger the Hulk, Thor must fight his way back to Asgard and stop his sister Hela ( Cate Blanchett ) from taking it over and bringing about Ragnarok, the end of all things. All the principal cast members from the previous Thor movies return and other cast members include Jeff Goldum, Benedict Cumberbatch moments of hilarity and nuance here.

Chris Hemsworth is given a chance to explore Thor wackier side and it works to great effect.. Thor gets several funny moments in this movie, especially with his partners in crime .He has several moments with Loki that are especially a riot. Speaking of loki he is standout as always and this time it is not to the detriment of the other characters. The Thor/Loki relationship with his brother will never be the way he imagined.

Marvel comic story Thor

Ragnarok partially adapts the Marvel comic sstoryline Planet Hulk, and the Hulk himself is utilised more than he has been in the past. The Hulk is given a bigger role, as we begin to see the conflict between Hulk and Banner really present itself. It does not hurt that the hulk is now able to actually speak, and he gets several great one liners.. The movie also great as vaikyne who is a very good warrior with a drinking problem.Beneath the alcoholism, though , lies some deep trauma and a complicated past. Jeff Goldblum plays the grandmaster, who basically Jeff goldblum in a bright colored robe. He has many funny moments and I would not mind seeing him again in the future .And Taika Waititi gets to play a character named korg, a rick monster who is very funny and becomes an instant favourite .


Hela is a pretty inventive villain . some retconning is done to fit her into Thor history , but it work pretty well . Blanchett’s performance is excellent , as she gets to villain it up while wearing a ponty crown on her hair when she slicks it back . She is also able to conjure up weapons from her arms , making her unpredictable against Thor . Karl urban plays her henchman Skurge , and while he is notthe most threading bad guys , he also gets moments of hilarity nuarance here.


The mightly Thor finds himself imprisoned on the other side of the universe , in a race against time to prevent the all powerful Hela from destroying his homeworld of agard . His quest for survival leads him into a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against the Hulk .

From he very first look at Marvek latest outing , it became apparent that there was something unique about Thor ragnarok , more vibrant than its two prequels , and combined with quirky sense of humour , it reunites us with two larger than life superheroes – Thor and Hulk , both of whom we have not seen since Averagers : age of ultron in 2015 .from the outset , it is evident how well these two play with , and against each other , continuing their love hate bromance established in the first Avengers film . additionally , the film is infused with Taika Watitis trademark style of oddball comedy and while he plays wonderfully within Marvel sandbox , his imprint is evident in every frame and dialogue . Additionally , it translate very well on screen in all the performance from the nsembles cast . considering that the odds are stacked against him , Thor is challenged in away that bring a whole new side to the god of thnder . A re energized chris hemsworth gets to flex his comedic muscles to full effect . naturally this rubs off well on the hulk as well , espesically sice mark ruffalo is completely at home playing the angey green man child . the scense between him and thor are captivating to watch and will leave you wanting more , Tom Hiddleston is up to his usual charming mischeif as loki but hands over scnce stealing duties to newcomer Tessa Thompson . she proves to be an essential addition , wit a sprited performance as the feisty valkyrie .one that you would wnt to hop right back on for another round not unlike a led zeppelin track on loop . Thor and the ragnarok is the best movie on the asgardian till date , and another entry from marvel you simply cannot miss

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