Spider-Man NO WAY HOME Movie Review

spider-man no way home

For the first time in the cinematic history of spider man , our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and no longer able to separate his normal life from the high – stakes of being a super hero . when he asks for help from doctor strange the stakes become even more dangerous , forcing him to discover what it truly means to be spider – man .


  1. Tom Holland – Spider man
  2. Zendaya – MJ
  3. Benedict Cumberbatch – Doctor Strange
  4. Jacob Batalon – Ned Leeds
  5. Jon Freak – Happy Hogan
  6. Jamie Fox – Max Dillon / electro
  7. Willem Dafoe – Norman Osborn / green goblin
  8. Alfred molina – dr. otto octavius / doc ock
  9. benedict wong – wong
  10. tony revolori – flash thompson
  11. marisa tomei – may parker
  12. andrew garfield – peter paker / spiderman
  13. angourie rice – betty brant
  14. arian moayed – agent cleary
  15. paula newsome – MIT assistant vice chancellor
  16. hannibal buress – coach wilson
  17. martin star – mr. harrinton
  18. j.b smoove – mr. dell
  19. j. k simmons – J . Jonah Jameson
  20. Rhys I fans – dr. curt Connors / the lizard
  21. Thomas Haden church – flint Marko / sandman
  22. Haroon khan – apprentice
  23. Emily fang – apprentice
  24. Mary Rivera – arena bystander
  25. Kathleen Cardoso – arena bystander
  26. Jonathan Sam – arena bystander
  27. Andrew Dunlap – dad in car
  28. zany Dunlap – mom in car
  29. b . clutch Dunlap – kid in car
  30. mina Dunlap – kid in car
  31. ben – man in car
  32. gary weeks – agent foster
  33. gregory konow – donut shop boss
  34. carol dines – donut shop waitress
  35. anisa nyell johnson – school security guard
  36. willie burton – may’s neighbor
  37. mallory hoff – reporter
  38. greg clarkson – reporter
  39. regina ting chen – reporter
  40. robert mitchel owenby – dail bugle lackey
  41. glenn keogh – british reporter
  42. paris benjamin – british anchor
  43. jwaundacee candece – damage control agent
  44. taylor st. clair – protestor
  45. rolando fernandez – crowd member
  46. gabriella – crowd member
  47. darnell appling – crowd member
  48. ed force – donut shop patron
  49. micheal le – guy with phone
  50. dean meminger – NY1 reporter
  51. frederick a. brown – fred the janitor
  52. cristo fernandez – bartender
  53. clay savage – suit
  54. luke aitchison – news cameraman
  55. tarel al halabi – NY police
  56. mcdaniel Austin – police officer
  57. gloria bishop – homeless person at soup kitchen
  58. stephen branson – news crew
  59. kyle bryde – protestor
  60. tommy campbell – department of damage control agent
  61. riley client – high school student

the story beings immediately after the spider man far from home , before dyeing mysterio has reveals the Spiderman’s identity and falsely accuse him in a murder , peter paker is juggling in the college admission with the extreme fame and its after maths , open hostility , fandom betimes through his life and goes on into a break through into the window .

every part was amazing , its didnt feel dreagged out . of course more time would’ve been nice , bit it was still fantastic . yt was so cool to see daredevil in it for a little bit . that sence where he frouht doctor strande was juzt mind blowing aunt May was gonna die , especially sice she said that famous quote from Uncle Ben in Tobey and Andrew’s movie . Absolutely hesrtbreaking , but it builds on to the character development . i just know that Tobey and Andrew wouold be in this movie , but a small part of me doubted it so that i wouldn’t get my hopes up . but when they came on the screen , it felt so surreal and tthe audience went wild . it was so incredible to see al of our favorites spider – man on the screen together . i loved seeing them and their interactions . My favourite part was when MJ fell and andrew’s spider man caught her like , it felt so heart – warming and it h genuinely brought tears in the eyes of audience beaucause we all know he couldn’t save Gwen , but he juzt had to save Tom’s MJ . and you could see him getting all teary eyed and it just made that movement even more special . Honestltu that was one of the greatest scences and i just keep replaying it in my mind . i hve never seen an audience go this wild when Andrew swooped in to save her , there was so many app;auds and Awww movemstss around . Treuly magnificent i absolutely loved it. the ending was bitter sweet . we said goodbye to our faovorite character and i hate hat everyone forgets Peter Parker (Tom) , but it makes sence and we all know he will get her MJ and Ned back . The first post credit sense was hilarious . Venom was there the entire time and rather than destroying struff , he just sat at the bar and drank away . him leaving behind a piece of the black goo stuff feels like another spider man movies will be the works , if like another spider man movie will be in the world . if that’s the case , i really hope to see venom / Eddie , harry Osborn and maybe even Gwen Stacey .

The directors and all cast and crew truly did such a phenomenal job on this movie . its really everything i wanted and more absolutely incredible . i can’t wait for it to come out on a streaming services or DVD so i can keep rewatching it , also super exited for the interviews for Tobey and Andrew . i loved this movie soo soo much .

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