The falcon and the winter soldier never got their solo movies but thanks to the history of our real universe they needed more than that. thus they get a whole miniseries of movies that was not only deserving but packed with real world nuance and realism that involves marvel superheroes that still fit everyday social issues.

from immigration reforms to class struggles to international politics the cap’n ideals were constantly tested throughout entire series like he was still there with us but without himwe see an international struggle that is non unlike civil war. with the fortitude and resilience however already endured by both citizens and superheroes alike the marvel universe as a whole involves into a whole another level of sublimity resolving the end back to where the orignal cap steve rodgers drew his principles, strength and faith from independence acceptance and love for each other.

we still see by the end why steve rodgers chose sam . a great part of antoney mackie lay ahead as a new captain but one well deserved for all the hard work and thoughtful creativity put out by the entire team at marvel. if i had kids they would have a world of entertainment and wisdom to be gained thank you . fro marvel fans across the globe you have given all nerds and geeks alike vindication for their ever present faith in all things nerdy and geeky


The falcon and the winter soldier is a trimphant feat for the mcu. in a world full of aliens androids and wizards . the show takes a bold stab at tackling socio political challenges that may men face in todays western society. this adds an extra dimension to the product as a whole because its not shy in exploring more personal themes that allow the audience to connect with the characters more introspectively.

weather its sam feeling the guilt of relinquishing the shield at the start bucky feeling the guilt of killing the son of a friend or walker brutally killing an enemy in cold bond due to lemar’s death this show provides much satisfaction in conveying in inner struggles of these superheroes with finesse. this allows for a stronger narrative digging deep into the central themes of power guilt and revenge . each motives adds nuance to the perfomances expands the subtexts of themes explored enhancing the quality ot the writing of a result

the character of isaiah bradley is handled very well thoughtful inspirational and emotionally impactful. the final episode and its climax surpassed my expectations in terms of character development with sam delivering a fantastic speech to the govt leaders and to the rest of the world culminating in a defining moment for our new captain america.

this pivital scene sees sam becomes his own man with ideology ando wow i m over impressed. definitely amongst on of the most iconic scene in all of the mcu.

this is the shows biggest accomplishment it puts the character first adds layers of complexity of their arc with the action and comedy fortunately being a second priority


Bold exciting and constantly surprising the falcon and the winter soldier is a miniseries well worthy of captain america 4 status , rich with inrigue it seems feed into each other shamelesslyy and through characters that are charming distinct and interseting throughout.

its story about race upcoming trauma terrorism and its roots and the harmful effects of propaganda . these ideas work their way naturally into the captain america cannot and its never feels forced. sam and bucky received a lot of overdue exploration and proven themselves as tactful well rounded leading men capable of carrying the captain america mentle further without steve while maintaining his righteous legacy. steve may be gone but sill his presence in this two.

despite some wonky cgi at times the action is a fast paced surge of blockbusters thrills that will surely please marvel diehards. per the marvel norm through the show does bite off more than it can chew and it result in a wildy fun but ultimately we gonna miss our old captain that is steve rodgeres


The falcon and the winter soldier is a true marvel series that was necessary to show after the endgame.especially bucky’s struggle after the endgame with is mental health because of this past and in a world without steve sam’s being a black captain america . it’s set up in a real world and not fictional place like wanda vision and loki . all the three shows are different from each other . my personal favourite has been the falcon and the winter soldier because it showed real problems of our superheroes. both the leads deserve a lot more than they did in the previous films especially bucky. it’s amazing how even with so less screentime in all the all the films sebatian stan portrayed the character development of bucky so impeccably and beautifully.

it is not the plot that works for series it is also the execution . it has action,drama,comdey and it all becones so enjoyable on the screen because of camaraderies shared between sebastian and mackie which translates into character too. this series definitely is one of the best works in the mcu.


I was looking forward for this for so long and it just flopped for me . first the acting was bland across the board.ssecond the story tries to add in to many characters . third convoluted storylines and tons of plot holes and unanswered questions.

acting – i m sorry i just think mackie is blad . even his impassioned speech comess off as a just someone reaading a script there no real emotions there . and don’t get me started on the ugly cap suit at the end. of all the refinement they have done with the costumes this one looks like someone brought it to dress up to halloween party. but at the end the series was great after release i loved watching it..

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