Valkyrae is an American gamer who likes to use social media to play games. I think she’s best known for her live streams on “Twitch,” as well as for making a cameo on “Fortnite.” As a gamer, she has gained a lot of fans thanks to her live streams of games like “Bloodborne.” Valkyrae has a YouTube channel where she posts videos of her gaming live streams, like when she plays games. Valkyrae isn’t like other female online gamers. She has a unique sobriety that has made her a big name in the online gaming world. She is now known as one of the best players of “Fortnite” in the world. Valkyrae is in a relationship with another “Twitch” streamer, SonyD.


First, Valkyrae worked for GameStop, which sells video games, consumer electronics, and wireless services in the US. She worked there for a year and a half, even though she didn’t like working there.
Valkyrae became interested in gaming because she worked for a gaming company. After she quit her job, she turned to live streaming to make money. In the end, Valkyrae joined “Twitch” and became a full-time streamer. Fortnite made her journey on “Twitch” go from good to great. Soon, Valkyrae reached new heights in her career. She managed to become a popular streamer on “Twitch” despite the fact that it’s mostly used by men. Valkyrae used her charm and skills to become a top streamer on “Twitch.” She also played “Battle Royale,” which is a spin-off game from “Fortnite.” Valkyrae’s dress sense on “Twitch” is more conservative than that of other female live streamers on the platform. This helped her get a lot of people to like her. It didn’t stop one of her “Twitch” fans from harassing her. When Valkyrae had a personal conversation with the person who was making sexist and racist comments about her on “Twitch,” she told him that she was going to file a case against him.
In the game “Twitch,” Valkyrae has more than 500, 000 fans. She used her money from “Twitch” to pay off the debts her mother owed. Valkyrae still plays “Fortnite” on “Twitch.” She often teams up with other streamers like Myth, Pokimane, Sonii, and Alexia Raye to play the game together.
Valkyrae also posts her “Fortnite” content on her “YouTube” account. She became famous as a YouTube gamer because she played a lot of popular games like “Bloodborne” and “The Walking Dead” (a video game series). Over 421, 000 people now follow the channel. There are more than 583 million people who follow her on Instagram.
Some of Valkyrae’s “Instagram” posts have been paid for by brands like “Gymshark,” “Urban Outfitters,” and “Forever 21.”
There are many different types of gaming consoles that Valkyrae has. Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo NES are among them.They also have a PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360, and an Xbox One. However, she mostly streams games through her “PS4.” Valkyrae is a well-known online gamer who has been to events like “Twitchcon” and “Blizzcon.”

Personal life

It was on January 8, 1992, that Valkyrae was born. She was born in USA. Rachel Marie Hofsetter is her real name. She works for the company. This individual is from various parts of the world. She is German, Spanish, Caucasian, and Filipino. She is now living in Houston, Texas. As someone who streams games on “Twitch,” SonyD is her boyfriend. dated for the first time in 2016.
Valkyrae likes to watch anime. Her favorite show of all time is “Attack on Titan.” Because she was a fan of anime shows like “Fullmetal Alchemist,” “Kill La Kill, Death Note,” “Sword Art Online,” and “Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”
Valkyrae is a big dance fan. Her stunts are also fun to watch. She is often seen in bars and lounges where she spends time with her friends.

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