Gary Young, Pavement’s Drummer, Forever Rocks On!”

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Today, we remember Gary Young, who played the drums for Pavement. He passed away at 70 in Stockton, CA. His wife, Geri Bernstein Young, confirmed this sad news. Let’s take a moment to look back at his musical journey and the impact he left.

We were saddened to learn about the passing of Gary Young on August 17, 2023. He was the original drummer of the renowned band Pavement. Gary left us in Stockton, CA, following a long period of health struggles. Let’s take a moment to honour his life and his significant contributions, exploring his journey from the ’80s punk scene to his crucial role in shaping Pavement’s music.

Gary Young, Pavement's Drummer, Forever Rocks On!"
Gary Young, Pavement’s Drummer, Forever Rocks On!”
Gary Young, Pavement's Drummer, Forever Rocks On!"
Gary Young, Pavement’s Drummer, Forever Rocks On!”

Remembering Gary Young: Pavement’s Original Drummer

Saying Goodbye

Today, we honour the memory of Gary Young, Pavement’s drummer. He passed away at 70 in Stockton, CA. Geri Bernstein Young, his wife, confirmed this news. Let’s remember his music and the mark he made.

The Early Days in the Stockton Punk Scene

Gary Young’s musical journey began in the 1980s in Stockton, where he was an active part of the punk scene. Beyond playing drums, he organized local shows and performed with bands like The Fall of Christianity. This marked the start of his deep connection to music and his dedication to the punk movement.

Gary Young’s Role in Pavement Formation

In the late ‘80s, Stephen Malkmus and Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kanneberg came together to create Pavement. This is where Gary Young’s story intertwines. The band recorded their music at Gary’s studio, Louder Than You Think. Gary’s drumming skills stood out, leading him to become Pavement’s original drummer.

Music and More

In the 1980s, Gary Young was part of the punk scene in Stockton. He played drums in local bands and helped arrange shows, adding energy to the music scene.

Influencing Pavement’s Sound

Gary Young’s impact on Pavement’s sound was remarkable. His drumming style became a crucial element in the band’s early records, shaping their unique blend of rock and indie music. His energetic stage presence, like his signature headstands, became synonymous with Pavement’s live performances.

Starting with Pavement

Pavement started in the late 1980s with Stephen Malkmus and Scott “Spiral Stairs” Kanneberg. They recorded their music at Gary Young’s Louder Than You Think Studio. Young joined the band as the drummer, setting the beat for their songs.

Unique Style

Young’s drumming added excitement to Pavement’s early songs. His lively moves on stage, like headstands, became his signature.

Journey with Pavement

Gary Young drummed for Pavement until their 1992 release, “Watery Domestic EP.” Then, Steve West took over. But Young still worked with the band, producing two tracks for their 1999 “Major Leagues EP.” He even joined Pavement for some shows during their 2010 reunion tour in California.

Continuing the Journey

Although Gary Young’s time with Pavement concluded after their 1992 EP, his connection with the band endured. Steve West took over drumming duties, but Gary returned to produce songs for Pavement’s 1999 EP. He even joined the band for some shows during their 2010 reunion tour.

Gary Young’s Solo Ventures

Apart from Pavement, Gary Young released three albums under the name “Gary Young’s Hospital” and a solo album, “Malfunction,” in 2016. These ventures showcased his versatility as a musician and his commitment to exploring different musical avenues.

Beyond the Band

Besides Pavement, Gary Young also made his own Music. He released three albums as “Gary Young’s Hospital.” In 2016, he shared a solo album called “Malfunction.”

Remembered on Film

In March 2023, a documentary called “Louder Than You Think” premiered at the SXSW Film Festival. It told the story of Gary Young’s life and music journey.

In Tribute

Today, we say Goodbye to Gary Young, a drummer who left his mark. He shaped Pavement’s sound and created his own music. His beats will keep playing in our hearts.

A Tribute on Screen

In 2023, a documentary titled “Louder Than You Think” celebrated Gary Young’s life. Premiering at the SXSW Film Festival, the documentary provided insight into his journey and impact. It highlighted his lasting influence on music.

Who was Gary Young?

Gary Young was the original drummer of Pavement and played a vital role in shaping their music.

What was Gary Young’s impact on Pavement’s sound?

Gary Young’s drumming style defined Pavement’s early records and contributed to their unique sound.

What is Gary Young’s legacy?

Gary Young’s legacy includes his contributions to Pavement’s music and his solo ventures.

How did Gary Young influence the punk scene?

Gary Young’s involvement in the Stockton punk scene marked the beginning of his musical journey.

What is the documentary “Louder Than You Think” about?

“Louder Than You Think” is a documentary that pays tribute to Gary Young’s life and musical contributions.

Did Gary Young pursue a solo career?

Absolutely, Gary Young explored his musical creativity through his solo project “Gary Young’s Hospital,” releasing three albums. He also launched a solo album titled “Malfunction” in 2016.

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