Who Won “The House of the Famous 2023 of Mexico”? TVMAS Reveals the Winner Tonight!

Hello! Friends, my name is prachi and welcome to all of you in this article of mine. Today, I will tell you about Who Won “The House of the Famous 2023 of Mexico”? TVMAS Reveals the Winner Tonight! |Will There Be Another Season of “Celebrity House”? What’s “The House of Famous” About? Who Will Win “The House of Famous Mexico 2023”? Today, I will clear everything through this article.

Curious to know who won “The House of the Famous 2023 of Mexico”? Many fans of the reality show have this question in mind. Those who followed the lives of famous people in Mexico are waiting to find out the winner of the season that started in June and ends this Sunday. Nicola Porcella, Wendy Guevara, Sergio Mayer, and Poncho de Negris were in the spotlight.

Who Won "The House of the Famous 2023 of Mexico"? TVMAS Reveals the Winner Tonight!
Who Won “The House of the Famous 2023 of Mexico”? TVMAS Reveals the Winner Tonight!

Who Won “Celebrity House” Today? TVMAS Reveals the Winner

Will There Be Another Season of “Celebrity House”?

The first season of “La Casa de los Famosos” is almost over. The winner, who will receive a big prize, will soon be known. But even before this season ends, people are already curious about the next season. A video on TikTok showed the names of some people who might be part of the next season. This show offers a big prize of four million pesos.

The Big Finale Date: August 13th

The final episode of “The House of the Famous” is set for Sunday, August 13th. If it sticks to the usual schedule, you can watch it on Channel 5 (Los Estrellas) at 8:30 PM in Central Mexico. You can also see the show live on Wix Premium. The hosts, Galilea Montejo and Diego Eris made this version very popular. Sergio Mayor, Wendy Guerra, Ponzo de Negris, Abio Gujano, Emilio Osorio, and Nicola Porcella are some of the people who stayed together in the house, entertaining the viewers for the past three months.

Who Will Win “The House of Famous Mexico 2023”?

This Sunday, August 13, 2023, the winner of “The House of Famous Mexico 2023” will be announced. The final episode starts at 8:30 PM, and you can watch it on Vix Premium. The candidates who could win the four million pesos prize are:

✔️ Nicola Porcella

✔️ Wendy Guerra

✔️ Sergio Mayor

✔️ Ponzo de Negris

Who Won "The House of the Famous 2023 of Mexico"? TVMAS Reveals the Winner Tonight!
Who Won “The House of the Famous 2023 of Mexico”? TVMAS Reveals the Winner Tonight!

Previous Season Winner of “House of Celebrities”

Madison Anderson was the winner of the last season of ‘The House of Celebrities.’ She beat famous actresses like model Patricia Navidad. In other seasons of the show, actresses like Alicia Machado and Yvonne Montero won the award, becoming popular all over Latin America. This time, four residents from “Team Inferno” will compete for the big prize.

Who Left “The House of Fame”?

The most recent person to leave “La casa de los famosos” was Emilio Osorio. He won the fifth final of the Televisa reality show.

How to Vote in “The House of Famous Mexico”

If you support one of the participants of the “House of Fame” and want to save them from being eliminated, follow these steps:

Go to the official page of “The House of Famous Mexico” (https://www.lacasadelosfamososmexico.tv/) or use the QR code during Galas.
Click on the “Votes” section on the official page.
Choose the participant you want to vote for.
Click “Send Vote” under the photo of the celebrity you chose to support or save from elimination.

Remember, you can only vote in Mexico. If you’re a ViX+ subscriber, you can vote up to 10 times. You can also vote during pre-galas, galas, and post-galas on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

How to Watch “The House of Fame”?

You can watch the new reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” all day on the website and ViX streaming platform. This way, you won’t miss any of the action. You can also watch “Los Estrellas” on Channel 2 every Sunday at 8:30 PM and on Channel 5 from Monday to Friday at 10:00 PM.

What’s “The House of Famous” About?

This reality show brings together 14 celebrities, influencers, actors, and drivers who aim to win four million pesos. They all live in the same house for about two and a half months, and everything they do during the day is shown live on the streaming channel.

Contestants on “The House of Fame”

This edition of “The House of Fame” has the following participants:

  • Paul Stanley
  • Rahul Bikora
  • Emilio Osorio
  • Wendy Guerra
  • Nigris Poncho
  • Sofia Rivera Torres
  • Nicola Porcella
  • Hector Andre ‘Celery’ Quijano
  • Marie Claire Harp
  • George Loza
  • Sergio Mayor
  • Barbara Torres

A Look at the Next Season

There’s excitement about the next season of the reality show. A TikTok video revealed some of the potential participants for “The House of Famous 2.” Names like Lorena Herrera, Kunno, and Bebeshita are creating a buzz on social media.

In conclusion, we’re all waiting to find out who will win “The House of Famous Mexico 2023.” With stars like Nicola Porcella, Wendy Guerra, Sergio Mayor, and Poncho de Negris in the mix, the suspense is building. Stay tuned for the big reveal on August 13th!

Future Season Hints

There’s a lot of talk on social media about the second edition of “The House of Famous.” Names like Lorena Herrera, TikToker Kunno, and influencer Bebeshita are getting attention.

In conclusion, the winner of “The House of Famous 2023 of Mexico” will be revealed soon. As the season wraps up, thoughts are turning towards the next season. The show has been a hit thanks to its engaging interactions and diverse cast. The anticipation for the winner is at its peak, and soon we’ll know who will take the prize.

Stay tuned for more updates on the next season, and enjoy the excitement and speculation as social media buzzes with talk of new potential contestants.


The wait is nearly over, and soon, the curtain will close on “The House of Famous Mexico 2023.” As fans eagerly await the grand finale, tensions are high, and speculations abound. With a thrilling journey filled with controversies, camaraderie, and competition, this season has captured the hearts of viewers across Mexico and beyond. As the clock strikes 20:30 tonight, TVMAS will unveil the answer to the burning question: Who won “Celebrity House”?

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